Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my Birthday

We started off this morning at around 43F.. That's cold, to me. Jerry said he's only a little cool. Yet he got the sweat shirt I washed over the weekend out and is wearing it. The high is prediceted to be around 68,this afternoon.
What a way to start off my birthday. I was dropping things while trying to make Jerry's breakfast. Now I have to get up and do the dishes. I think every dish we have is dirty, this morning.
I spent about 45 minutes outside with the dogs this morning. I had trouble getting the dogs to play with the ball. They did want to play but they didn't want to play with me. Rocky slipped off his collar (again) and it was a bit before I even noticed it. Next time we go out, I'll just hook to his leather collar and forgo the chain one, for now. He really needs a smaller chain anyway.
Been working on the dishes. letting them drip dry takes soo long. I have my third dishpan of them soaking now. I'll be setting up some seasoned buttermilk to use for the chicken here in a bit as well. Not sure just which herbs and spices I want to use just yet. I'll season the buttermilk and the flour I use to dredge the pieces in. I found two chicken breasts for reasonable. I do need to clean them up a bit. they are not boneless or skinless. I may toss the skin and bones and what I can't use, in a small pot and make chicken broth with it.
I found two emails from my Brother Thom... wishing me a "Happy Birthday !!"
one of which he said he wished he could be here with me to help eat the Cake he "Knew" I was going to make.
(11:45) Jerry just texted me "Happy Birthday" I texted back "Thank You !!!".
Jerry called me during his lunch break as well.
Beth just called. She wished me a happy birthday
I got a voice message, two of them really. Both Grand kids wished me a "Happy Birthday.
Heather called to wish me a "Happy Birthday". The Grandkids had to wish me again. Corbin got the phone and took off with it. I got to hear the tv and him being yelled at to "bring it back". At least this time he didn't hang up on me. There was so much noise at Heathers. As a typicial working Mom, she was being pulled in several directions at the same time. The Cheer Team had their team picture taken yesterday. I hope to be able to get one, when they are ready. Heather was so busy that she promised to call me later when it was less noisy at her house.
Dinner was the Chicken, cut off the bone, stripped of the skin and cut into large chunks. For the first time in a long time. I had more than I could eat. I soaked the pieced in seasoned buttermilk. then dredged in seasoned flour and fried in hot oil in my largest skillet. It was still two batches off of two breast halfs. Fixed Mashed potatoes as well as Salad. The cake came later and with a bit of vanilla ice cream was the perfect ending of dinner.

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