Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good Morning, October 29

The Campgrounds At Barnes Crossing's office

As you can see, there are lots of great things to look at on the porch. I have to remember to take my camera with me and take some close up's of what's on the porch. Lot's of flowers around the park, lots of yard art, and lot's of ideas for more crafts to make. Now, if I could just find out what smells so nice and like spice as we get to the part of the road that leads to our camper.. I'm just not sure what it is, but I love it.

Good Morning, October 29, 2010.
Jerry got in late last night, almost 6pm.. These people he's working with want to take a day off, to go to a game. I think Jerry said he's only working to 2 on Saturday. Has to work Sunday so that everyone can have a three day weekend next weekend. What's up with that??? .. the ones from Georgia want to go home for another Game. Geesh, I'll be happy wihen Football season is done and over with !!!
As much as I love that he's working, it's best when he knows day in, day out what hours he's working. Best for him and best for me and the dogs. I remineded Jerry, he's going to have to bring me somtehintg toc cook tonight. All I have left is some cans of Chili and I doubt he wants any of that tonight. I forgot to make either corn bread or biscuits yesterday for our meal. Oops.
For Today... October 29, 2010Outside my door ... Sunny, nice and warm. in the mid 70's.. I didn't open the door but I had a window open for a bit. The dogs and I took two realy walks.
The dogs ... our walks, The first was to the stop sign. yeah, I had to pick up poo.. but the walk is worth it.. I use doubled plastic bags for the pick up. can't find the handled thing I got just for picking up after the dogs. It's not a long walk but there is a nice field, up for sale, that I can let the dogs go full lead on. Once we are past the entrance I can let them go full lead and explore the grass or side of the road. The second walk was on a trail behind us.. have to cross a wooden bridge to get there. I want to take Jerry on that trial soon so he can see it as well. Not much of a trail but it's wild and an area the dogs can explore. Also large enough I can give them the full length of their 20 foot leads. Suppose to keep them on 6 foot leads. I tye a loop into the leads much closer than 6 foot until I get to an area they can have full leads in.
From the kitchen... Jerry bought us deli style chicken, green beans. corn for me, baked beans for him from the Kroger Deli. Not going to ask him to do that, again. the chicken was ok.. but the rest.. yech. Neither one of us ate all of the green beans, I didn't finish the corn, and I love corn. and Jerry said I could have what was left of his baked beans. Maybe for lunch today.
I am hearing... had the tv on all day.
I am wearing... Black top, dark grey sweat pants.
I am reading... emails, all day long. The connection is slow, so it really takes a long time to load each email, espceall if it has pictures in it.I am thinking... What a nice camp ground this is. Linda is great and so helpful. Lots of yard art to look at. I want to take more picturesI am thankful for... Being able to get here. The trip was un-eventful and safe. So much could have gone wrong that didn't. Also thankful for Jerry not having to go on to Columbus MS. as we were not ready to do thatI am hoping... That this job does last until Feburary. Jerry told me about it when he called at 11:30. This job is just really starting up so there will be plenty of work to do.. Jerry comes home covered in carbon black and so I know I'll have to have the back of the camper warm so he can shower as soon as he gets in each night.I am creating... a clean and orginized camper.One of my favorite things... The wonderful weather we have here. I've been enjoying my walks with the dogs. I need to remember to take both my camera and cell phone. Beth got a bit paniced when she couldn't get ahold of me while the dogs and I were out on our afternoon walkA few plans for the rest of the week... Cooking, Cleaning, walking the dogs, finding our way around town.
Around the house...
Got up at 4:30, Jerry out of the house by 5:10
made Jerry's breakfast
fixed his tea for lunch
packed his lunch.
walked the dogs
read a few emails then went back to bed until 7:30
Dogs woke me up, barking
made breakfast
took dogs out for another pottybreak
meds and breakfast
Bible and Prayers
refill ice cube trays,
took dogs for long walk (stop sign and back)
pick up dirty clothes
wipe counters
wipe mirrors
put shower mat over side of the tub
hang wet towels and washrags to dry
spray and scrub sink, tub and john
check plants, do they need water?
straighten up clean folded towels
make Jerry's bed
Make my bed
make Jerry's tea
clean stove top
wipe sink countertop
walked the dogs on the trail across the creek.

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