Saturday, September 4, 2010

Weekend, Labor day ??

Aw well.. it's a three day weekend. Still don't know if Jerry will be working 10 hour days to make up for one day off.. I sure hope so, we have too many bills to pay. Instead of our eating out last night, we did our shopping (Never shop on an empty stomich, right?) and came home to eat a sandwich, chips and drink diet cola's. Not tooo bad. We will have to buy more produce and bread this week, but over all I did keep the bill under $70. For two people, that's not bad around here.

Since we didn't eat out last night,, and it doesn't look like we will be eating breakfast out this weekend either.. we took what we had for eating out and went yard sailing. I found a pot, and a couple of cookbooks. One from a church held together with two binder type rings dated 2004. and very thick for just a dime. Jerry found a mouse for me to use. I found a pan for fifty cents. He also found me a kids table top keyboard.. I miss playing music every now and then. Now I need to find music to play.. (time for a trip to storage I think) Founc a Christmas Cd for another fifty cents. Jerry got him a couple of books to read before work. He doesn't start work until 7 am. the drive is less than 5 minutes from here to the mall but he leaves here before 6 am. I know, he's getting gas, and a drink (where's mine?) and a pack of pipe tobacco cigars that he likes. That doens't take all that long to do though since it's right across from the mall. so that leaves him plenty of time to catch up on some books we haven't been able to get to over the last couple of years. The biggest thing is. We found a never used Bread machine.. for $10.. only thing is, we only had $10 left out of what we started with. or so Jerry told me. So we left it behind. and since we were almost out of money, and we were close to it anyways.. we made the every other week stop at the local bread store. picked up Jerry's snack cakes, crackers and two loafs of bread and spent just over $10. Jerry had a dollar tucked back in his wallet. Came home and put it all away.. Jerry went through his wallet and then the change in the ashtray by his side of the couch and came up with a total of $6 dollars. Hummm.. wonder if... that was at 10:30 at a few mintues before Noon he was debating with himself about taking a nap or going to see if they still had the bread machine and if they would sell it to him for the $6. he came home with it. yea !!!. my other machine, the pan is all beat up from bread sticking in it.. I've learned. you don't soak a bread pan with a no stick surface if you want it to stay no stick.. learned the hard way. Now I have two machines.. I'll keep the other one for a bit. I can use it to make bread dough in and use the new one for baking as well as making dough.

I was sadden to read about one of my brothers' sled dogs. ( ). Gump was a fine old dog and I'm sure he will be missed not only by my brother but by his team as well.

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