Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yikes we were almot hit by another driver !!

We drive a yellow cargo van..

DHL yellow..

Don't know why it is people don't see it..

We are driving down McFarland drive in T-town and this "lady" cut us off.. it's just a good thing that no one was beside us.. I mean she was no way clear of our front bumper, ,then she had the gaull to flip us off.. Hubby got right on her bumper at the next light and was yelling at her through the window.. she flipped us off again. She wasn't no where close to being clear of our bumper when she came over into our lane and acted like she owned the road and we better move out of her way. I hate drivers like that. I was shaking for at least 10 minutes after that.

Even though hubby was mad, I was afraid that that lady might have a gun or something and just flip out with roadrage. know what I mean??

I still wonder, even though she was cutting us off. who would the police have believed if we did wreck. Since she was in front of our bumper would they be able to tell she crossed into our lane or not?

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