Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finally, cooler eveings

Finally, we are getting cooler evenings. Cool enough to sit outside and not feel like I'm melting away with the heat. The dogs enjoy watching what's going on around us as well. They are learning quickly that if they bark, they have to go back inside. That doesn't mean that the people are going back inside as well, either. Our day time high's are stil in the low 90's though.Rather pleasent for mid September.

Jerry is working nights this week. Not by choice, really though. He says he's just getting too old to be doing night work. I stay up as long as I can, but still end up in bed long before he gets offw work. I may "nap" (I'm, resting my eyes, really I am) on the couch in the afternoon but still wake up before he gets up. I make him breakfast when he gets home and make dinner when he wakes up. The real challenge is keeping the dogs away from him and quiet during the day. that and not opening the door too often since it's make a lot of noise as well.

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