Friday, September 17, 2010

nothing going on

Well. almost nothing is going on around here, really. Dinners have been on the frugal side for the last few weeks. That is why I've not posted any recipes.. Can you believe, We are STILL in the 90's here in Alabama... 93 today and maybe even higher. I'm soo ready for some cooler weather. At least highs only in the lower 80's or maybe in the upper 70's for a few weeks.

Jerry's working nights is driving us nuts. The dogs have been fairly good about not being noisy during the day.. of course it helps that I know about when they will need to go outside in the first place. But it's still not something either one of us likes him doing (working nights, that is) And now it looks like he'll be working both Saturday and Sunday night this week. Over Time,, Yea !!! (Oh no night work, yuck)

Our new neighbors to our west, appear to be remodeling their camper.. yesterday a whole of of bedding was outside and some wood, including a stanchion table.. they took it all down to the trash can around 7pm. I just hope that, since Jerry is sleeping days that they are not too noisy with any rework that needs doing.

Frustration !! Tradesman called, asking if Jerry wants to get the latest issue of the Hot Sheet.. well of course he does with having overtime this week on his check.. but we have to put the money on a greendot card. While he's at it.. he puts enough to cover the Storage rent we have here in town. We get over to pay the storage and the money isn't on the card yet. So Jerry calls and he's told it could take over 24 "Busness" hours befor it's on the card.. So.. off we go to the closest atm to pull put some cash, then back to the storage again, to pay it.. It's over due tomorrow. Looks like We wil have to owe more for our storage in MO since it's due as well.. well.. maybe. Jerry will check the card and then if the money is on it. will call it in to that one. (hope it's there.. the over due charges take it up to close to $1oo for one month) But that's how we get our bills paid.. last time he had money put on the greendot card it was on it in less that 5 minutes.

I think I'll have to get the toaster oven out this afternoon and bake some chicken nuggets for dinner. That is, unless Jerry decided we are going to have fast food. Chicken Nuggets, a can of corn and a can of green beans or peas which ever I pull from the tub first.

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