Thursday, September 9, 2010

quick up date

September 7, 2010

We had fireworks last night.. No not Jerry and I, but some of the people who were at the paintball area set off some. they were right over several R.V.'s that are in powered storage. Jerry called the office and was told that there isn't anything they can do about it. Gee. we wanted fireworks for our 4th of July and was told NO.

September 8

Not so good news. Jerry foung out last night.. that Those in charge at the KBR office are not hiring BE&K personal for any jobs that KBR has going on. Really stinks.. Jerry has almost 20 years with BE&K. Just because KBR bought out BE&K, they do not want the people that worked for BE&K back. These are the people that made BE&K " THE " highly praised and sought after Company to work for and want to use for Indrustrial Construction. So sad that they have to be that petty. So much for the promises KBR made to take care of everyone. It will come back to bite them in the rear, I'm sure.


Sept 9

We had a water leak yesterday, as well.. a part came apart behind the John and I just could not get it back together. I called Jerry to let him know ahead of time. So he bought some line to fix it with but it didn't hold very well. Something in the middle of the night Jerry got back up and fixed it by rerouting the line and getting more room to wiggle it back onto the reducer I could not get it onto.. That shower sure felt good this morning. Not sure if we will have to redo the whole fix this weekend or not.. I'm guessing not, unless it come apart again.

Dinner was rice, chicken nuggets, cut up vegetables, orange jello with pineapple in it.

Oh .. forgot.. I ended up spilling a bowl of ice onto the floor this morning. Macon really likes to eat ice and I think even he got his fill of ice this morning.

There were three campers that left here today. I'm guessing that the job that Jerry use to work on is winding down now.. all those people will be looking for work now. We are still looking ourselfs.

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