Sunday, September 26, 2010

This and That, Sunday update

Hello, It's a rainy, drizzly day here in Alabama and finally we are out of the 90's. Oh yea!!!!

It's napping weather. I tried laying down for a bit, but kept thinking of things I'm needing to do this week. Jerry laid down on the couch.. don't know how he fit. I got up and now He's gone to his bed.

There is a tiny bit of change in the trees on the hill behind the camper. I am seeing a bit more Yellow and brown that isn't just dead leaves. The Golden Rod has really turned the last couple of days as well. Of course I think part of the reason I notice this is that today is darker than usual.

Jerry is finally off of working nights and back on Days. For how much longer, we don't know. Just taking it one day at a time, right now.

We did go yard saling yesterday, but I didn't find anything. Jerry found a book he wanted to read, and a few computer games as well.

Jerry stopped and talked to the man working on the cable system and the wifi here in the RV park. .. Seems that when the router was stolen, some time back, instead of unscrewing the cables.. they ripped the ends out... So they are hunting for new cable lines or ends for the existing cable in order to fix it. What a bummer. Everyone is being told it's fixed when it's not.

The Tradesman Hot Sheet was in the mailbox Saturday.. first, I'm surprised no one stole it, And second, that was fast. He ordered it Tuesday. We both figured it would take well over a week to get here. Surprise.


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