Friday, January 16, 2009

what a difference a few days make. Last night it was COLD. When we got up at 5, I checked the temp and it was 16. Yikes.. 16 in Georgia is like.. below 0 in Missouri, No one wants to be that cold.

Rocky went out, did what he needed and ran back to the door to come back in. Later, when Tudo showed up, he wanted out again.. for all of 5 minutes or so.. then he wanted back in again. He's not asked to go out since.

I have a large pot for flowers that I brought in when the temps started heading into the the 30's. The flowers I have in it, have all died, all but one and it's looking very poorly. I don't give up hope on it, just yet. But I do keep forgetting to water it, cause it's in a back bedroom. I picked some shorter bamboo canes from the pile I have of those that I picked out of the break that were dead, and pushed them into the pot to hold up a plastic bag from my treadmill to help keep the humidy up in that pot. In a few days, I want to toss in some seeds a friend sent me from South Africa. I figure, if they start now, they will be of good size by the time I can put that pot outside on the porch in a corner and if they are trailing vines like the package looks like they can climb up the hand rail.

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