Monday, January 19, 2009


OUr weekend was calm, and quiet. Jerry had to work Saturday, But we went to the auction. Not many showed up and it was finsihed by 9 pm. Very unsusal for that. I picked up a rug for Rockys kennel, and two for in the kitchen for me to stand on. Jerry got a lighter and I got some figurines.
Sunday we ate breakfast at Waffle house and met a man who was up to visit his sister in the hospital, here in town. Found out that you can purchase a "I" bond for under $20 and it takes 10 years to mature. Hummm. sounds very intresting caue in the end you get back $100. but, like I said it takes 10 years... just in time for retirement on Jerry. We had to go to Macon, to Home Depot, so Jerry could pick up some tools he needed for work. Stopped in PetSmart to check the price of a kennel. It was a better price at the auction. I'll pick one up next weekend at the next auction, if Susan brings one with her. From there it was back toward home. We decided to do the grocie shopping.. Jerry grabbed a cart as did I and that always raised the amount we spend. WE did splurge a bit. some fresh cut fruit. Him watermellon, me a tropical mix of pineapple, kiwi and mango. I found a great beef package for just over $10. It has a small roast and 5 steaks that I can cut in half and so get 6 to 7 meals out of it. come chicken breast tenders were a good buy so got them as well. And Jerry picked out some pork chops as well. took it all home and put it all away. Watched a bit of tv. then headed to the laundry matt. While I was starting up the machines, I saw this "gal" come and give Jerry a big hug. (It's ok) I stepped out side and said "Aren't you glade I'm not the Jelouse type?" Then I found out her Boy Friend, who worked on the job, died last month and his family has been reall ugly with her since. Later, while she was putting her clothes in a dryer and I was finishing up, I asked if she knew I was teasing her. She said she wasn't sure. I told her, Yeah.. it's ok for her to hug my hubby. She needed it. We got to talking and I may be keeping her dog for her while she's working nights. Would be good for her dog and her to know it's ok. She may have me watch it for her while she goes to Missouri to take care of a legal problem there. A friend who happens to be male beat the holy S*** out of her and she hopes he gets at least 10 years for it. No man has the right to lay hands on a woman like that. Period. Really he has no right to lay hands on any one like that. The funny thing is.. they were friends and not more than that. So go figure what was going on in his head at the time. Any way, she may have me keep her dog while she's out of town. That will be intresting I'm sure. She was surprised that we got along so well, so quickly.. Hey, it's a small world when your working construction and We stick together. She's been working the toolroom at night.

After we got home from doing the laundry, we sat and watched a movie Jerry picked up a while ago, Journey to the Center of the Earth with Brandan Fraser in it. I made dinner near the end of it. We had salad, smoked sausage and mashed potatoes. Not much, I know. We had a treat afterwards of a Klondike bar.

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