Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good Morning/ It is a nice bright morning here in Georgia.. Our high today is going to be around 60..I'm enjoying it while it lasts, cause it's to drop into the low 50 by Monday.. with lows in the 20's again.
Brrrr. that's cold around here. But it isnt like the cold up in Alaska which was down to -55 (below 0)

I need a way to keep the kitten out of my flower pot. I have one struggling plant left and he keeps nibbling at it. I found bits of dirt from the flowerpot on my treadmill this morning when I went for my first walk... right now, I'm working at a steady 5 mintues at a time 4 to 5 times a day.. My calfs are very sore from yesterday's 4 five minute sessons. I didn't realize just how out of shape I've gotten.
Rocky got himself tangles under the house this morning. AT first I thought he was tangles around a pipe under there, But now.. a cane stub.. it's about 1 to 2 inches high and he had wrapped around it. I ended up having to take out a screw on the siding to reach in and get the line loose. but first, I had to get the extra line from the front porch. Talk to Beth, it was her time to call, go out the back door, remove the trellis crossboard from under one side of the deck (it's half rotten anyway and easy to move) crawl under the deck (backporch) get to Rocky, and about that time TuDoe shows up and wants me to pet her. and she keeps getting between Rocky and me. I finally get the extra line on Rocky and get him loose. try to pull the line through only to have it catch on something. can't see, it's dark under there...And now Rocky is trying to wrap around the supprt for the deck and retangle himself.. (AARGH) I crawl out,, TuDoe ends up jumponng and banging me on the nose.. then runs off. (I said an unlady like word) Rocky is at the end of the spare line and "knows" he's in some trouble with me..I hvae to come back into the house and find a phillips screwdriver so I can take the siding loose, reach in with a cane pole and figure out what and how is the thing tied up.. it's just a single wrap around the short stub. and within a minute I have it back loose. I tried looking for some place eles I can try Rocky to that he won't get tangled in something else. no luck, I'll just have to hope he doesn't tangle up on that stub again.
Now he's barking at the post truck that just went down the road. will turn around come down our road, and back again.. and he barks at it each time.

Now, it's evening... I did walk 4 times on the treadmill, for about 5 minutes each, that is .. until I run out of breath, and my calfs start to cramp up for the angle of the thing. I did get most of the house cleaned up like I wanted to get done today. Monday afternoon, I have another eye lazering and wanted to try to have as much of the house clean as possible before the weekend. Still don't know if Jerry has to work this weekend or not, yet. We can sure mess up a house in a couple of days.

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