Friday, January 23, 2009

My father died

Not that we were close, but I almost didn't even find out about it. A cousin of mine, lives in the same city and asked if I was related to Bill Swann. She read in the paper that he had passed. Um.. I'll have to read the obit. What paper was it and when did you read it... The Kansas City Star but can't remember the day.. so 40 minutes later, I find his obit. and it is my father. Right birth date and right occupation. I called the Place doing the services, explain who I am.. and leave my phone number, expecting a call, hoping for a call. (still waiting for a call) I then called my brother. He hadn't been told either. I do know it was his heart. My Youngest lives close enough that she was able to go to the service and told the lady who made the arrangements that we didn't know until the evening before. That is why we didn't send flower and why I didn't come. I didn't have time to get there from here in Georgia.

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