Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Yehaa... Jerry is rained out (finally) said that the room he is working in, is smaller than our camper and that there are too many people trying to do the same thing in there.
I Found my Tulip Paints.  I have used the Silver on that black sweat shirt.  Right now it looks really ugly. But that's because the glue has to dry.  I had to draw a few "snowflakes" on a piece of paper first to see if I was going to like anything I tried to do free-hand.  of course there's a big difference between a line of ink and a link of glittered glue.. so I kept it simple (for now) and I will work on that red shirt once the black one dries.
as you can see, I have a few "Work in Progress" items going on, in the background. The box in the upper left is the juice lid ornaments I need to finish up. Under the yellow and pick box, is the skirt I need to sew together. On the box is the pink "Peace sign" material I need to make a dress out of.  While looking for the paints I found the material and patterns for another dress I want to make.
See those eyes?  That's Macon, sleeping ON Jerry's pillows.  That's a cat on the brown blanket, sleeping on Rocky's pillow.
That is my white sweat shirt jacket I made last spring.. I put it over Rocky when we came in this morning and over an hour later, he was still asleep under it.  Stripes  loves to curl up on my blankets. 
I need a new lint roller. I want to find one of those that you just rinse the hair off of. 

Billie C

<Goals for 2013
Lose a pound a week. Yx2
Walk around the drive circle twice each day.( )
Complete at least one craft a week Yx2
Read at least one book a week. Yx3

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