Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello ... And Good Morning.

Hello ... And Good Morning. (5 am) It was a quiet Weekend here in Virginia. There is still some snow back in the woods, where it is very shady. I have a tub under the edge of the camper and it had filled up with water. It thawed by yesterday afternoon and I was able to dump it and put the tub on it's side. I don't want it to split but I don't have room in the camper for it.
I had to turn on the propane heater this morning. here at 5am the tempt outside is 27 which is suppose to be our high tomorrow. Considering where we live, That's just plain out COLD. I'll be bundled up for sure, tomorrow. I'm even going to put extra blankets on the beds today. I expect that the cats will sleep in the camper most of this week. At least we don't have snow or ice to deal with along with this cold snap.
Jerry had to work 10 hours Saturday and 8 hours yesterday.
We did our food shopping after eating at Ruby Tuesday last night. I had the salmon and Jerry had the Herb Crusted Tilapia.
Dinner will be Salad, Spaghetti, with seasoned ground pork in the tomato sauce and I hope to bake some bread to go with it today.
I'll be watching some of the things I have on DVR'ed most of the day.

Poor Rocky.. (6 AM) Strips is "lovin" all over him. Rocky came and got on the couch by me, only to have Strips follow him in here, and lay on top of him. I have Rocky's usual spot on the bed taken up with a tub of clean clothes I need to fold and put away today. Strips and Tupelo are both inside right now (7 am) No idea where Fuzzy is. Rocky gave up trying to sleep on the couch and went back to get up on my bed. Macon is already there so Rocky had to "Make" some room for himself. Strips followed him back there and got on Macon.
I didn't get on-line much yesterday, I did some reading, and I decorated up a white apron I had picked up a couple of weeks ago. I used an iron transfer to put a "B" on it and some flowers under that. I used the tube paints I picked up when Jerry got rained out.
(A close up of my apron)
I am wearing... Black Sweatpants. top with dark blue pattern on it.
I am reading... emails, Exodus 28, "Patchwork, A Story of 'The Plain People".

I am hoping... That Jerry has next Sunday off work next Sunday. Trying to get laundry and shopping done after work on the weekend.
I am creating... I really need to finish that skirt. Just a few mnutes to dig out the sewing machine and set it up on the end of the table.. but first I need to find the end of the table under all the junk that's piled there,, and I have to un-pile the beds and make them so I can get the ironing board out from the foot of my bed.
A few plans for today...
put away laundry.
tape up the windows with duct tape.
take spare hose off the water system. be sure it is drained
tape up hatch in back.
tape up door to back of the water heater tank
sew skirt together

Billie C

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