Friday, January 11, 2013


Today is foggy out or rather misty. Not sure just what the difference is on that. The dogs had a blast running amok outside for a few minutes. That is, until they got their leads caught up around a tree. I had to untangle them at least twice before it was time to go back into the camper. Even now, they are still playing, mussing up the blankets on my bed.
I fed the cats inside today. I do that when outside isn't very pleasent. Barney and Rocky are good about bringing me the empty cat food cans out of the kennel when the cats are done, for that, they all three get a dog treat.
I have most of the camper cleaned up (again) from the back to getting the dishes done and I still have some time to work on the rest of the camper before Hubby gets home tonight. Payday.. we will eat out. Good thing since I need to make a quick stop at a store for bread and sausage for his breakfast tomorrow morning.
I just painted my nails.. teal with a purple glitter over that. Didn't turn out quite like I thought it would, but I'm still ok with the results.
I'm watching shows I recorded befor Christmas and then deleting them to make room for more shows.  I'm keeping a few of them that are not completly Christmas. I am keeping the ice skating one since I also enjoy the music on it.
I am wearing... Dark Grey Sweat pants and my dark Horse t-shirt that almost looks like your on the back of the horse.

Billie C

<Goals for 2013
Lose a pound a week. Y
Walk around the drive circle twice each day.(M XX,T ,W ,T ,F )
Complete at least one craft a week
Read at least one book a week. X

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