Monday, January 28, 2013

What a weekend.

What a weekend. Our water frozen on Friday. We both forgot to let the water drip overnight. Even the sewer hose froze over night. Jerry called Skip (owner of the campground) to come thaw out the water line that we attach our hose to, since it was frozen as well as our hose. He was so kind, He not only thawed his waterline, but he also aimed the jet heater into our camper and thaw out our inside water lines, as well.
Skip said that this is the first time he's seen the lake have any ice on it. He's only owned the campground for 3 years.

We now have a water leak.. (yeah, I figured we would end up with at least one) A copper fitting broke loose. At first, Jerry tied to solder it back together but that didn't hold. Next, he's tried J-B Weld. The first time didn't hold, but he found a small area that he may have missed with the weld and patched that, We haven't tested it yet to see if it will hold. After eating dinner out, we stopped at Home Depot to pick up more J-B weld and a case of water for my use tomorrow.
We had a very pleasant Surprise when we ate out Saturday evening at Appleby's.. Although it's a bit more pricey that what we usually pay. We got just what we ordered and it looked just like the pictures on the menu looked like. I got the Chicken that was on special. It was served over zucchini and squash and cut up potatoes, had shrimp and tomato on top as well as Cheese.. and it was yummmy.. A 10. Jerry had a sandwich and he said it was just how he wanted it, as well as the fries. We shared a plate of deep fried twisted potatoes and the dessert of a chocolate chip cookies, two scoops of vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge drizzled on top and some whipped cream. I do believe we may be eating there more often.

I finally got the stitching pulled out of the top tier of the skirt I'm working one. Now to refill the bobbin and go at it again.

I could have spanked Rocky late last night. Our "last walk" of the day and he goes over the hill to do his ... and got tangled around a small tree. I had to put Macon and Barney inside before I could help Rocky , He was so tangled that I had to sit on the ground in my flannel gown and dangle my feet over the edge and try to reach him to get him loose.. and that failed. I had to really pull on his collar to get him close enough I could undo his latch, then I was able to un-tangle his lead from the tree.. I think he thought he was going to be left outside because he started to "cry" for me when I walked away. I just had to have both hands free so I could get to him. Now my gown is dirtied. I just hope the staines wash out next time I wash it.

Billie C

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patty said...

Oh, poor Rocky! He'll have to learn not to tangle himself up like that.