Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Hello ... Our propane line (the plastic regulator) froze last night... as long as we only had the pilot on, it would burn but turn up the thing and the pilot would go out. We will be lucky if we get a degree or two above freezin today. Even all three dogs are not wanting to stay outside very long. Now that the sun is up a bit, the heater is working like it should. And it's on the shady side of the camper, at that.
I have a electrical heater aimed at me, as I sit on my side of the couch. I'm also bundled up. I have on that very nice and warm flannel gown that a friend was so kind in giving me. (Thank YOU just does not seem to say enough for it) My ratty, full of small holes, maroon house coat that really has seen better days (I got this used from my younger brothers soon to be wife in 2002) The duck fleece around my shoulders and the orange around my legs and feet.

The dogs and cats are all curled up together on my bed. My light is on and that make a nice warm spot that they push each other into and out of. Thank goodness we are going to have a sunny day. Here in about an hour, when the sun is high enough to really do it's job, I'll be taking the sunshield out of my window and allow the solar heating to do it's job. (Free Heat !!) I have the silver side Inside to help reflect back in the heat. There is a street light for the playground just below the camper that shines inside our camper if I don't have that shield in the window.
My plans for the day... trying to stay warm. walk the dogs only when I have to. convince the cats that they have to go out some time today but it's ok to come back in quickly if they will only ask. dishes, make the beds, and now, today I promise I will sew that skirt together. I have found the end of my table (again) until dinner last night anyway. We had taco almost. Jerry doesn't like hard taco shells all that much. I swear, when I picked up the box of taco shells that it said they were the soft shells.. (not) But I have flour Tortilla's in the fridge to make wraps for my lunch with.. and I bought myself a set of those taco shell bakers (a bit pricey for what you get) and so I baked us up a couple of shells each. I had to bake two more once those 4 came out of the oven cause Jerry loved his taco salad we ended up with. I made the seasoned meat following the directions on the back of the box, only I didn't have any tomatoes or tomato sauce, I did, however have tomato paste. I put that in my 2 cup measuring cup then filled the rest of the cup with warm from the tap water and stirred it to break up the paste and then poured that over the meat, pinto beans and seasoning pack, let it come back up to a simmer and then covered. I used a bag of salad , chopped up a tomato ( brought back memories of doing so for Home-school Co-op) thin sliced a cucumber and green pepper. I had mushrooms on my said, Jerry doesn't like mushrooms.

Today, I'm thinking of making a roast. I can bake that in the roasting oven or in the crock-pot. I just haven't decided how I want to cook it just yet. I'm going to sear the roast before I put it on the potatoes. Oops, no Green Beans. I'll have to fix a can of peas for dinner. Jerry just called, I'll be putting the crock pot in the fridge, He's taking me out to eat. He needs to find some insulated gloves while we are out.
Oh how I wish I had that surger working right, right now. I found a very nice piece of almost shear material that would make a perfect head covering, if the long edge was just surged ..
Think I'll be asking Jerry to hurry up and pick up one at the South Boston Wal-mart so we can work out our exchange... (going to put this broken one in the box of a new one, then take it back to the store)

Oh, I have to "Hide" the evidence that I had four boiled eggs this morning for my breakfast before Hubby gets home tonight.. (yeah I know,, two too many) As a kid, If I was getting a cold, I would boil up some eggs and have them for my snack or lunch. Mom said she always knew I was getting a cold if I was eating boiled eggs. I eat them any time of the year but if I boiled up more that 2, she would worry I was coming down with something. I always figured it was something safe to eat, if my tummy was upset and so very simple to make. She told Jerry, so now he worries if I boil up too many eggs at any time. I usually limit myself to only 4 eggs a week. don't know why, except the old hag about them being bad for me. which I know is not the whole truth about eggs.

I have been reading "Patchwork, A Story of 'The Plain People". written in 1920. At first I thought it was about the Amish since it's location is near Lancaster PA. but it's not about them but more about a sect of Brethren . (sp?) It's about a girl who is about 10 years old. About three weeks ago I was watching a docu-series on the TV about a Sect that were struggling to make their ends meet and how each family got along within their area. I found it interesting, to say the least. The book is a free Kindle Book. It's funny how even though it was written almost 100 years ago, not a lot seems to have changed all that much. I only noticed the time difference when the little girl was talking to a veteran who lived in town, From the Civil War

I usually watch the last hour of The Today Show... so funny today to see the camera man ( or maybe it was a woman) sneak one of those eggplant snacks off the plate.. I loved it.. and the look the one gal gave him, as well... ha ha ha.. I bet they get more of that this year. I like that the people behind the camera's on "The Today Show" are more relaxed and able to fool around a bit. It shows it's more of a family than just people who are working in the same building..

Billie C

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patty said...

I'm a big fan of boiled eggs, too. I don't limit my egg eating, although I always feel like I should, somehow. So you're a step ahead of me! :)