Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hello ...

I wrote this note, this morning, then went back to bed for a couple of hours,
Hello ... Good Morning. It's still raining and the school in our area are going to start two hours later than the usual. According the the tv. we have had over 3 inches of rain fall so far. Jerry lost his keys to the van this morning. I found them only because I needed to straighten up the pillows and blankest of the couch. they were under the pillow. I have no idea how they got there.
He got off work early yesterday and we took advantage of that. Beth asked for the Sprint thing to be able to get on-line (We call it a card but it's not really a card) So that got put into the mail. Whilel I was at the post office, I bought a book of stamps. They are $9 for 20 now. I thought the price wasn't suppose to go up until around the 20th. A stop at the Dollar Tree, I was looking for white coffee cups. Not a one to be found. I did find a few things else to pick up. I could have spent much more in there, First stuff I saw was for Valentines Day. I picked up a couple of things, I need to get out my Cricut and make small milk cartons to put the candies in. I also found some Easter stuff. I picked up plastic eggs. Last year, I regreted not picking up eggs when I saw them because right after that, I found all sorts of fun looking crafts to make with a few of them. I asked Heather if they had any left and of course they no longer had any. I also found a few Mardi Gras Items that I like, I was surprised to find those this far "North". I got some coins (plastic of course) and masks. If only I had more room and space to decorate. We never decorated for MG while the kids were at home.. Now.. I am finding all sorts of fun things. There were posters for the wall, necklaces even ones with a small cup on them. masks, Purple, Green and Gold socks and stuff with feathers.
I picked up a couple of hand towels for St Patricks day, as well.
I found a small cookie sheet and cooling racks that will fit in the table top oven and I grabbed them up quick.
Next stop was Hobby Lobby. (hey, I picked up some tube paints. Do you recall Tri-Chem paints? I use to have a bunch of them, long ago.. oh so long ago. Remember Tri-Chem parties? I have many fond memories of going to painting parties while we lived in Clifton Colorado. for just over $22 a box of 8 I only picked up two boxes... there are two more sets and I plan on picking them up next time I get to over there. I headed over to the area where the Cricut stuff is (hey, I had money to spend) I picked up two more Cartrages for my Cricut and more cutting blades. I met three ladies in that area. They were looking at scrapbooking stuff. We talked a few minutes and I ended up with a card. They do Stampin Up demos. There's a party tonight, sure wish I could go, She was going to tell me where it was at, but there just is no way I could go. I just can't ask Jerry to drive me to a demo after he's worked all day long.
Because it was raining so hard, we decided to not do the laundry.We have enough clean clothes to last us a while longer. It would have just taken too long to dry things. If Jerry gets rained out today we will go and do it this afternoon. I'm sure he'll have to work this weekend to make up for yesterday. Can you tell I hope he gets rained out again today? There is a chance he may not have to work today but we never know until he gets to work.
There are flood warnings all over our area. Both in the county we live in and the county the job is in.
Each time I took the dogs out yesterday they would Pee then all but pull me back to the door to get back in out of the rain. This morning it caught up with them and they each had to poop. (tmi?) I have an old towel that I put close to the door, to dry them off with. Barney now things it's a game. He turns around and around my hand holding the towel. Not that it's getting him that dry.. trying to convience him to turn the other direction so the other side can get rubbed dry just doesn't work.

Billie C

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