Monday, January 14, 2013

Good Monday morning

Good Morning.It's another January Monday.  Dark and Dreary today. Rain all day in the forecast but the temperature  is still not that bad with a high expected to be in the 50's. Well really we have already had our high of 64 around Mid-night last night. The rain should be out of here by mid-week.  The dogs all seem content to stay inside and sleep in this kind of weather. The cats, as well. Fuzzy came running into the camper this morning and jumped up on the couch beside me to cuddle for a few minutes. (rubbing the rain off her fur, unto me) She then went to the bedroom and cuddled up with Macon.

Today is "Clean the Camper" day, as every Monday is.  I'll be making an on-going shopping list, as I do most weeks.  Some items are always on the list. Salad makings, Bread, Colas... but I'll tell you, I did not put any colas in my cart last night (Jerry didn't shop with me last night, he stayed in the van) I refuse to pay $2 for 2 liters. Not when other stores charge much less for the same cola off the same truck.  I have a Soda Stream and I know how to use it !. . .  I made up some pink Lemonade drink for today, but tomorrow I may make it fizzy.  I have found that I can use the water I make up from the Soda Stream to add "bubbles" to my Jell-O.  Jerry didn't say one way or the other if he liked it, last time I did it.

To make my potatoes today, I'm going to put the last of my white potatoes in the crock pot once I get the dishes done and cook them on low all day. with just a bit of water and the potatoes on top of a steamer basket. these potatoes just don't seem to want to cook well at all. I bought red potatoes to use once these white ones are gone.
From the kitchen...
Salad, Burger, Baked Potatoes,

Mexican Meatloaf
2 lbs ground beef (or whatever ground meat you prefer)
1 egg
1 taco seasoning packet
¼ - ½ cup crushed crackers or bread crumbs
½ - 1 cup grated cheese (cheddar, marble or mozzarella)
1 cup salsa (optional)
Combine all ingredients (except salsa) and place in large loaf pan. If using salsa pour over top of loaf. Cook for approx. 40-45 minutes in a preheated oven f 350F until cooked through.
Why is it, we have Dish TV and I can't seem to find anything I want to watch on the TV.  I'm not even sure I want to watch anything we have recorded. I have been going though the Christmas Movies I copied before Christmas, right it's "A Dog Named Christmas".  but if I remember watching it, I'll delete it and find another one to watch.
I am wearing... Brown Sweat Pants and slightly faded top.
I am reading... Exodus 24 ,  World War One: History in One Hour. Emails

I am creating... I read about how you can use Permanent marker to write or draw on coffee cups or other ceramic items.. Well, I tried it yesterday, with just black marker on a slightly chipped dessert bowl. I used both black and some red on the bottom.. before I baked it, I experimented by, once I used the red on the bottom, I used nail polish removed see if it would remove the marker. Yes it does.  So, I re-marked the red on the bottom of the bowl and baked in the roasting oven at 350F for 30 minutes, starting with the bowl in a cold oven, letting it warm up, then allowing it to cool down in the oven.  I removed it and wouldn't you know, I tried removing the red with more nail polish remover... and it did remove the red, so baking it didn't really set it but it was a bit harder to remove but it did remove it. Once it was cooled off, I did try hand-washing it and it didn't wash off or fade.  So, although it's not as permanent as I would like, I know I can still pick up white (or other light colored) cup and "fancy" them up a bit. When I was telling Jerry about it. He wondered why I would want to do that.. what he doesn't know is that I plan on making a cup for him, for Valentines day. Jerry isn't much of a coffee drinker but he does like hot tea every now and then.


Billie C

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Lose a pound a week. Yx2
Walk around the drive circle twice each day.( )
Complete at least one craft a week Yx2
Read at least one book a week. Yx3

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patty said...

I heard about decorating mugs that way, and I'm glad that you tried it for me. :) I think it's a neat idea!

Lovely picture of yourself. :) It's nice to see your face!