Friday, December 2, 2011

Good Morning...

Good Morning...  Well, it's still very early right now, just a bit past 4 am.  Having gotten up at 2:30 to make Jerry's breakfast and see him off to work when he leaves at 3am. I downloaded a few books for my Kindle and will be doing some reading this afternoon.  I had all the pets out of kennels for a while already.  Barney is now laying by my side with his head on my lap and the cats are back in the kennels, for jumping up at the shelfs in the closets. I have a box opened on one and don't want them in it. 
Found out why we didn't have hot water. When I was making Wendsday morning, Jerry turned off the hot water tank because I was using the microwave after running some hot water, (causes the hot water tank to cycle on)... I thought he had turned it back on when I was done with the microwave. I had asked him to, before he came to the front of the camper. I had wondered why the water was not as hot as it should have been while I was doing the dishes but didn't think too much about since it was cold outside, and I just figured it was taking longer than usual for the hot to get to the kitchen sink.  He came in and flipped the breaker for it. I thought it was the other middle breaker. I had asked him to flip off the one for the air conditioner and so thought that was the one that was off.  (duh)  At least today, I'll have a hot shower.
According the the news we are about 29 outside.  tucking in my blankets around the wall side of my bed didn't make me any warmer last night. I ended up pulling all the blanket out anyway.  Oh well.  I have a piece of fleece (I have yet to put together the tied blanket Beth bought me the fleece for), A lightweight lap blanket given to me in a swap 4 years ago, A thick lap blanket, and then my blanket with a horse on it, and another piece of fleece that matches the on on Jerry's bed. (really does make it look nice when both beds match on top when they are made up) and I still felt cold for a while last night.  Now i'm thinking of maybe getting two twin electrical blankets. (I'll never want to get out of bed if I do that)
I told Jerry we are going to have to find a way to seal the windows in here this winter. we are losing a lot of heat through them. Even when the heater is on, I feel cold from the window behind the couch.
We talked about how we are going to get "Christmas" to Heather's kids. So far, the plan is to carry what we pick up to her, Christmas Eve. We wouldn't stay over night but come back that evening. Jerry will only get three days off and so far, it looks like the Monday after Christmas will be that third day... thing can change though. The job is scheduled to work his birthday... I don't know what we will do for that, just yet. I do know what cake I'll bake for him, his favorite is German Chocolate Cake. it's about the only way he liked coconut.  Reminds me. I need to pick up birthday cards for his sisters... and find out Kathy's address. 
I decorated the living room yesterday. I put garland around the upper edge of the windows. and on each hook, I put a bell and an angel. I'll have to take pictures of it.  I also got out the tree and put it on a popcorn tim. I bought a small angel made for a small tree, after I took off it off the holder it stands up and looks much better. I put a beaded garland around the tree as well... I may make a few beaded items to go on the tree before too much longer cause it looks a bit, um.. undecorated. I love putting things on my trees and just garland and the changing lights is not enough.
I printed out a few things and Jerry noticed them. I showed him all I had printed out and will spend some time this after noon cutting them out and then deciding where I'll put them up at, around here. I may take some of the crayons I have and color over some of the area's. some of the pictures are not as bright as I thought they would turn out.

Outside my door ... (5am) Very Dark... the news is saying that Clarkesville (closest large town to us) already has fog and it's below freezing, as well.. The same combunation that caused a horrindous wreck in Hendersonville TN yesterday. over 55 cars, 1 dead and 18 hurt.
The Dogs ... (5am) all asleep on the beds, where it's warmer, Barney just left me to go sleep by Rocky. Macon is on my bed. Rocky and Barney on Jerry's bed (have I mentioned I don't like the bed set up in this camper? )
The Cats ...  (5am) Two per kennel. They had their early morning romp through the camper, time to potty, drink water and eat some dog food. Were going well, until they decided to check out the stuff on the shelfs.
From the kitchen... Jerry will bring home Subway sandwiches. This is one of the few days I don't have to pick out what to fix for dinner.I told Jerry what we have in the freezer, and he said use the ground pork for Satureday's dinner. Not sure how I'll use it, just yet. May make up meatballs out of it, and have spegettie.
I am hearing...  (5am) the heater in the bathroom, Early morning news on channel 5 , every now and then I hear a truck (disel) running as people around here are getting ready to go off to work.
I am wearing... Black sweat pants (down from a 3x to a 2x) A white t-shirt and (5am) my sweatshirt I crocheted around years ago. I need just  bit more on my shoulders unti lthe sun come up and starts to warm up the camper..
I am reading...  I have books down-loaded to my kindle and will pick one to read, here in a while.
I am thinking...  about what all I need to do today, before I tucker out. I need to go back over all I did yesterday.. That is, the bathroom and make our beds. Dishes (of course) and clean the counter by the fridge. I really shoud cut up and cook the last three pumpkins I have left from Halloween (I never did get them carved ) I really need to clear off the tops of the kennels and clean, sort and decide what to do with all the stuff on the counter by my side of the couch.  Much is just out of place and needs put away, (again) I really do need to make the chains for the Santa Magic Keys I'm going to give to each of the Grand kids this year, as well.
I am thankful for... Jerry having a job this time of year. I know he's working out in the cold and that make me hurt for him.  There are no walls on this building he's working at, so he can't get out of any wind that may come up, either. He dresses warm but I know he still feels the weather and cold. I try to get the camper warm before he gets home at night so he can warm up, then shower before going to bed without getting chilled. 
I am hoping... That our plans for getting Christmas to Heather works out the way we have talked about. She's stressed that her kids won't get any thing this year. I'm still waiting for a "Wish List" so we can see what we need to pick up for them.

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