Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dec 1

Good evening ... I spent most of this afternoon decorating our living room for Christmas. I put up our small tree, after putting the angel on it and s beaded garland made for mini trees. I put garland around the ledge, It's a bit short on both ends but that didn't stop me. I put bells and small angels above each on the command type hooks I have for the garland.  I found some hooks that Jerry had brought me that have sticky backs and used all but one of those. The one I didn't use, wouldn't stick to where I wanted it. I then put stamps on the Christmas Cards I'm sending out, and put them in the outgoing mail while I walked the dogs. One of the girls from the upper level wanted to talk. Someone left a key in the number 11 mail box and wanted to know if it was me. I told her no, and asked if she has found a key, that I lost mine up on the hill where we were at. No but she would keep looking for it. She offered to walk the dogs for me as well... we will see. She's home schooled as well as at least two other sisters I know of. Her father is a pipefitter.
I got most of the back of the camper cleaned up and sheets on the beds and they are made up.. don't know how long that will last since the dogs are playing back there now. I tucked in my blankets and will see if I get cold with them tucked around the edges of "MY" bed. Jerry does not like his blankets tucked in at all.
dinner will be hot dogs and mac and cheese and cut up vegetables. We are out of lettuce. Jerry will bring home Subway Sandwiches tomorrow night.
It was a nice day out today. The sun was out and I turned off the propane to the heater for a while. I'll have to turn it back on by 5pm. 
Something is wrong with the hot water tank. No hot water. I used a hot pot to heat up enough water I could wash my hair and dumped that and heated up more to take a sink bath with. I hope Jerry can fix it. He's not going to be happy about it.
Besides decorating my living room, I worked on a couple of crafty things. One for my Friend Jackie and one for my Grandkids. Can't tell you what I did for Jackie, but I was looking up a printable for a Santa Key. I never found what I was looking for but did find one that was close, I don't want to print the key part of it out but will if I have to. I also found a couple of printable boxes to put the keys in.

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