Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dec 27 2011

(after Christmas report)
We spent Christmas at Heather's this year. It was wonderful. The kids had a blast opening presents and getting all the new toys. Most of all their toys are in storage in South Carolina and they havn't been able to go and up anything, just yet. We filled their car with gas just before we left and we spur of the moment, made plans to spend New Year's Eve with them, having a small party in their place.

Jerry got me the Kindle a while ago, but it was my "big" Christmas Gift. I recieved a Snuggie, New Head phones and a couple of Christmas Music CD's. Jerry got a Kindle as well as a couple of Music CD's and he picked up another Garmin for the Van when we got back to town and I picked up some crafts things to work on.

All Heather asked for, this year, was Christmas for her kids.. Well .. she got it. Stocking stuffers to presents and more. And we picked her up a Nook. Only it has to be taken back cause it was not suppose to be sold as it was a demo unit. (the only Grr of the day) Ricky got a lighter and a belt and coffee mugs and hot coco (His favorite)
Corbin got his Doggy Doo game and I think the adults had more fun with it than the kids did.

Heather and Ricky have decided to get married. The planned date is April 1st. (I sure hope that they change that, for many reasons, not the least is that it's Heather's birthday) She asked me to make the cake for her... Ut oh.. that means I have got to get the stuff and practice a lot since it's been years since I did a cake, let alone a wedding cake. She said I could go wild with it, if I wanted to... Oh boy....

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