Monday, December 19, 2011

Good Monday Morning !!

Good Monday Morning !!
I got a few minor things done before I headed back to bed at 5 am.  Back up at 7. Got dressed, ate a banana and took my insulin.  Took the dogs out, then gathered up a tub of laundry to toddle over to the wash room.. the man who is parked next to the washroom is leaving tomorrow. He said he decided that it's time to go home.. that working a few days next week, then getting laid off the first week of Janurary was just too much and so he told his supervisor that his crew was going home and either give us our checks or see us in Janurary.  Not sure, but I don't think he'll be back. They got every thing they needed done last night and will clear up the few minor things tonight. I think that there are at least two others leaving as well. A 5th wheel is being packed up, the slides are back in.. and there was a loud party up on the upper level last night. Not usual for a Sunday night.  They were having fun. 
Any way... I'm doing laundry in the laundry/shower house today.  I'm doing two tubs worth this morning and may do two more this afternoo... if not today, then tomorrow.. I'm only using half the machines.  We were going to take it all to a laundry mat but by the time Jerry gets home from work we wanted to do something else.  Saturday, it was "I'd rather go shopping at WalMart".. either one I go to is a bit of a drive and Jerry had to work Sunday so I didn't want to keep him up too late.... and he wanted to shop as well. I found the game that Corbin wants for Christmas,and a couple more games as well, for him.  I also picked up a  couple more things for Bailey's gift, and a set of boxes to put Bailey's gift into. ..
Please pray hard that our next job is close to her. There is so much I want to teach her and I know we will not have much time as it is..
I made a chocolate cake for Jerry. Well really I made one big cake and three smaller ones.  I didn't have a big enough pan to hold all the batter that I made up. I spread Chocolate Fudge frosting on his cake and I ate mine without the frosting. We will have more cake tonight for our dessert. I forgot to give him his Birthday gift.. it's a now and later gift.  It's a kit to make a case for his cell phone he can carry on his belt.  I can do some leather work. But I wanted to know just how "ornate" did he want it. His initals. and maybe something around the edges.. I can do that. It will be noisy. I may also add either one or three Studs to it.. if one then a blue one for his birthdstone.. if three then a clear one (diamond) Red one (Ruby) and Blue one (Sapphire ) for his kids.
Oh oh.. I got to tell you...
It's only Money.
On Saturday, when we thought we were going to do laundry but went shopping instead, On our way back we stopped at Fritz's for Dinner. It's a Steak and Seafood place. The Fish is wonderful. I got their fried chicken. Jerry got the Hamburger Steak. Anyway... over in the other room was a family gathering and plenty of kids.  We had fun hearing and watching the kids and all the Chaos. Well a couple of the boys came into the room we were in, with quartes for the claw machine.  Wow.. they both got something from it. In came twin girls but they were not so lucky.  Jerry, stopped the waitress and asked how many kids are in the other room. She said, about 15.. So Jerry pulls $15 from his wallet and askes her to give each of the kids a Dollar's worth of Quarters.  She brought him back the change cause the number of kids was not what she thought.. She was going to change them back to dollars for Jerry but he said that's ok, we need quarters for laundry. One little fellow.. hardly 4, I think came over and watched the bigger fellows try to pick out a toy from the machine. It would go up, but it wouldn't stay in the claw.  I think those two older boys spent at least $4 trying for that one toy.. Here come this little guy,, and with just his 50 cents.  Gets it.. He was soooo excited.. it was well worth the money to watch all the kids trying their luck at the machine. When one or two would Pass, Jerry would slip some more quarters into their hands so they could try again. A couple of the middle sized kids (I'd say 7 to 9) didn't put their money in the claw machine. They went to the quarter machines by the door where they "knew" they would get something for their money.  Ah.. the joys a little bit of money can give to kids. It's only money but the fun and the joy was priceless.

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