Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12 21 11

Good Morning
I have been busy downloading more "free" books from Amazon.  When I transferred them from my computer to the Kindle I had over 80.  Can you just see me with a whole library in a house just for books in "real" time?  Well, at the farm I had 4 bookcases and all there filled from floor to ceiling with books.
Today, I'll fill Bailey's boxes and see what else I'll need to fill them. I dont want them topped as she'll want room to put her own stuff in, but this will give her a good jump on "Making things".  I wonder if she'll be "good enough" to make a living at crafting. Who know's but it's nice to think she might.
A couple of things I would like is a cricket die cutter or a sewing machine.. too bad I don't really have much room for either in here.
Hum.. I wonder... to Emboss with paper.. do you have to dampen the paper a bit or not?  I've always wondered how to do that. A few of the cards we got in, have raised areas.. (that's embossing, right?)
I'm thinking that I could make my own design on a cut out piece of milk carton, then use a popcycle stick to rub over the paper to leave an indent of the cut out shape.
The last of Jerry's Chocolate Cake is now out of the camper. He took that last piece with him, to work.  He loved his Cell phone cover kit. Now After Christmas, I'll have to do the work on it and then put it together for him.
I think, if we have enough time to shop, I'll ask Heather about getting something Corbin a Tonka Truck. I don't want to get him one he already has.
It's looking more like we will over night in Dunlap.. The cats will be fine in the house, as long as we put the TV flat on a bed.
Jerry is looking forward to this as much as I am.  We want to go spoil our Daughter as well as the kids.

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