Wednesday, March 1, 2017

This Morning 03 01 2017

This Morning

This morning,Pre-dawn,  while I let each dog out to do what a dog must do outside, I was noticing the different shades of "Dark".  I could almost see that the grass across the driveway, in the other yard, we almost green. I mean, it was dark, but just a hint of very dark green to it. The sky was not Blue and not white but not dark. The dark finger like tips of the still bare trees were pointing up-wards towards.  The brush over by Coopers Creek was moving with the breeze just a little. Or maybe it was a squirrel in the brush, starting off it's day before the storms were to come in. With the trees still bare, but almost ready to put on leaves, I can see through them a bit, to the mountain on the east side of the valley. I could see a few sparse lights up the side. I'm just not sure if they were lights inside a home or a street light and they turned off about the time some people around here are leaving for work. A few Dark clouds skutted along on the upper winds above the valley, as if racing towards Chattanooga ahead of the storm to warn them, a Storm is coming and you better be ready for it.
And we did get a good down-pouring of rain, while West of us,, my Husband said they only got a brief light shower. I saw on the news that some places got some golf ball sized hail. For a bit I thought we were getting  Hail, but when I looked out all I saw was rain. A very hard rain and I heard several things hitting the roof of our camper.  After the rain stopped, I looked out and saw several limbs in the gravel in the lot next to ours.  Oh what a mess. I had to take the dogs out, They had been inside all day due to the stroms and rain. Once they were finished, I had to move a few things in the front storage, and get out my fold up wagon and a tarp. The tarp, folding in half, fits well into the bed of my wagon and helps keek it nice and neat. I picked up them fallen limbs in the lot, along the driveway and a few from another lot on my way to the fire pit. The wagon was full by the time I got over there. I forgot to take a few pictures because I had to start dinner once I finished cleaning up the lots. We had a lot of rain in a short amount of time. I had to walk most of the way around the fire pit to find an area dry enough that I could get close enough to empty the branches out of my wagon, take it back to the camper, shake out the tarp, fold it up and put it in the storage area, then fold up the wagon and put it back into the storage area in a space I had to clean out for it. I also got out two bottles of cola, one each, so we would have them to dink with our dinners tonight. I drink light colored cola's mustly diet 7up or Sundrop, sometimes Mountain Dew. Hubby drinks Diet Coke Cola.

Billie C.

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