Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017
Sunday, we found a place we can go and shoot our handguns at. Jerry hot a few rounds through each, just to be able to compare each against the other. We then took a short walk on the property and maybe we might be able to buy it sometime in the near future. It is way off the main road and in an out of the way place. It will take a lot of work but we can see much potential for us in  the 35 acres. I found a tiny tick on me later yesterday evening. It's tick season and for some reason ticks like me, a lot.
I was trying to take a picture of Barney's "Mowhawk" and the other two had to get in on the action. They love to ham it up for the camera.
We went to an Auction on Friday in a near-by town. We will not be going back. Just too many parking issues and what they were selling was not worth what it was bringing in. 
We went on Saturday to our local auction and picked up a few things.
For a raffle, the tickets were taped to some knifes and Jerry ended up with 8 knifes. We didn't win the raffle though.  Of the three things on the table, I would have picked out the camp lantern. There was also a fishing pole, a head lamp and some sort of tool kit.
I did win the bid on this sheepskin "rug". We paid $5 for it. Someone started the bid with $3 and then got to talking to someone and didn't pay attention that we had bid on it. She got very upset that she lost the bid to us. The auctioneer told her, "You snooze, you loose."  The man who brought it said he has two more and will bring them next weekend. I hope so, I want another one, for a friend. 
We picked up a wind chime for $3. I won't be leaving it hanging from the air unit, but for now it's a good place for it. Now, I want to get the rest of my wind chimes out, sorted and cleaned up. Hubby also picked up a craft knife kit for me.  He also sent a couple of toys to the back for this next season's Christmas toy drive. A Cricut whet through, but I had looked at it and since it didn't look in good shape didn't want to bid on it. The lady sitting behind us got it for $10. The cartridge and the cutting mat were missing and I'm not sure if the power cord was there or not.
Last week, We picked up a small zip bag of magnets. I had picked up this wipe off white board when we went shopping. I picked out what few magnets I wanted and will offer the rest of them to Heather and Beth when Beth comes in for David's wedding. The board has fallen off the hooks at least three times already. I'm going to have to find a better way to hang it up.
The plants that Hubby bought me a few weeks ago are doing very well.
I got the drawers last Sunday and put them in place on Monday and filled the drawers, as well.. But the great thing is my corner now looks so much nicer. I have got to break my habit of just laying things down on it though. There really should only be three things on it. the two plants and the lamp. I do like the lamp up on it better than it being on the table.
I'm ready for Spring now. I need to get into my box of "Holiday Decorations" and see what else I have for "Spring" that isn't just "Easter".  I also need to find my Saint Patrick's day decorations.
I have matching towels for the pot holders. I also have towels with tiny Shamrocks on them, for Saint Patrick's day.

Billie C.

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