Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 22, 2017

It's Spring!!!
And the weather is Spring Like. We had some strong winds last night and after the worst was over, I took the dogs out for their last potty of the night, I discovered that the Trash Can was missing. I had to ask Jerry to get me a flash light so I  could try to hunt it up. I was afraid that it might have gone into the creek and if it had, I would never had found it. I found it half way between the other side of the driveway and the Creek. The bags of trash were also scattered and I picked them up. They were in the can but were not heavy enough to keep that can from blowing over and rolling away from the front of the camper.
(These pictures were taken on Monday, the day before the storms came through)

See that tree over there, the second to the right of the dish? the  trash can way behind it. The largest bag of trash just at the edge of the grass and two smaller bags were over where that tall stuff is to the left.   


It was a nice, warm bright day on Monday and even Tuesday was warm before the storm. The trees are still not leafed out yet.  Some are, The Cottonwoods have dropped their blossoms and now have leaves and the Tulip Popular's have also bloomed then dropped their flowers and have new leaves on them. But the rest of the trees are still no yet put out leafs yet.  The brush is greening up though. 


Over the weekend, on Sunday to be more precise, WE took the Grand Kids out for breakfast then we went to Walmart to get some new tires put on the car (very needed as they were falling apart) After our jaunt through Wal-mart, We went to Lowe's. Jerry was looking for a Laser Level or something that he needed a Laser for. He didn't have any luck finding what he went for. but I took the kids over to the Lumber area and let them pick out a flat panel each. Grandson needed one for a wood burning project and I though that his sister might want to try her hand at it as well. I'll have to take her my wood burning set this next weekend. so she can work on her wood as she wants to. I'm sure "Mom" is loving me for this. She's the one who is going to have to cut the panels down to size for the two of them.   The kids then went with me to the Garden area and helped me pick out these flowers. The pans, I got the night before at the auction for $5 a piece. one for the flowers, two for a confined fire and one to be able to cover it if the wind come up. I can put a couple of binder clips along the edge to help smother it, as well.


Someone challenged the group members to post some Spring pictures. The first flowers of our Spring are about done. but there is always Dandelions  and there are by the rock wall at the back of our camper.


As I said, the Daffodils are about gone now.


Some of the area that I want to clean up soon. There is a lot of rocks behind the rock wall.  and there are other flowers starting to poke their leaves up from and I will get more pictures of them soon. There's a Koi pond here as well. I might pick up a couple of Koi for it soon.

Billie C.

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