Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13, 2017

We "Almost" had a snow over the weekend. Wish I had taken some pictures. Hubby didn't have to work this weekend and we took care of a few things on Saturday. Shopping and errands that needed done, like taking the trash to the city's recycle center.  Hubby needed to replace a meter for work. We went to the local Pawn shop and he found just what he was looking for there. He also found a tablet with detachable keyboard (I don't recall just what it's called). I found a nice, plain wedding ring that is just a bit too small. The Pawn Shop is sending it out to be enlarged and it should be back by Friday. I lost my original band years ago and have been wanting another one but just never saw what I waned or if I saw something I liked, it was way too pricey.  Besides, A ring is not what makes you married. But now I will have a nice ring to wear that will be an sign that I really truly have found the man who completes me.  I am in hopes that it will also be polished before I pick it up.
While we were looking around, I asked to hold and check out a hand gun. The last one we looked at, I could not pull back far enough to load the first shell.  This one, although still new, has been 'racked' a number of times and I found I could pull it all the way back. I'm very happy with it and the man who sold it to me, knew what I was looking for since we have been in several times, looking at the hand guns. This will fit into my handbag, if I feel like I might need to carry it. I do have my Conceal and Carry permit. Of course, he tried to sell me a more expensive gun. One with a laser pointer and I had to tell him that the pointer is all but useless for me. Oh, I can follow it well enough, but it would be more of a distraction than a help. I was taught 'Old School', how to shoot a hand gun. Look at what you want to shoot, raise the gun to your eye level and pull the trigger. Your hand will automatically point where you are looking. I may not hit "Center" but it will hit close enough to stop someone who may be wanting to harm me. I'm not expecting or looking for trouble, but I am prepared for it. And, around here, a hand gun is also a good investment. It's re-sale value, even after it's been fired a few times,  is very close to it's whole sale value. I can take it back to the pawn shop and they will purchase it back from me.
Too bad it was too cold and raw to go and see just how well I would be able to hit a target this weekend. Next weekend looks like it will be better weather for getting in some practice with it.
We had to replace a tire on the car on Sunday, and there isn't any place open on Sunday to do that, in our town. We went out for breakfast, Saw some snow on our way to breakfast, then headed to Kendal Tennessee's Walmart (closest without having t climb a mountain) and Hubby had both front tires replaced. Oh, now the ride is much smoother. 
We did want to go to the auction on Saturday evening, but the chance of snow kept everyone away. We did see some snow but we only had a little of it settle on the top of the car.
While we were shopping on Saturday,, I did pick up some more earrings. I got four sets of "Saint Patrick's Day" earrings. I will be looking for some for Easter next weekend. I made sure my new Saint Patrick's Day shirt made it into the laundry and was washed.
Growing up, my brother would take any opportunity to pinch me on Saint Patrick's Day so I would go to bed wearing something Green, and to this day, I still make sure I have some 'Green' on when I wake up on March 17. 
A few years ago, I got a 'Build a Bear' bear. I have her wearing a red gingham top and red shorts most of the time.. Right now she also has a green bead necklace and a green bowler style Glitter hat.

Billie C.

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