Monday, February 13, 2017

ebruary 13

I hope you are doing well.
We are have some very warm weather. Chattanooga made it to 73 yesterday, and broke the high for the day that was first set in the late 1890's.  Today we are going to be in the mid 50's.. That's jacket weather.  it's nice and sunny out so I might get out my wagon and move a few twigs and small branches over to the fire pit this afternoon.
I don't know what flowers are around the trees here. Almost all the trees have a ring of  rocks around them so I am guessing that they may have flowers, as well. I might scatter some fower seeds around the trees in a couple of weeks. to help add intrest.. and long the rock wall
I worked on two crafts last week. I posted a video on YouTubeof the first one. You can watch it here. 
The other craft I worked on, is sanding some wooden boxes. I thought I would be able to finish one before my Oldest grand daughter's birthday this week, but now I'm doubting that. But that's okay. There will be other times I can give it to her that will be just as special. And now I am thinking I need another box, one for her brother, as a treasure keeper box.  when I finish the box for GD, I'll post a picture of it. 
I started a crock pot of vegetables for some Egg Rolls and ran out of room for some of them. I want to finish that up early this week. What doesn't go into the Egg Rolls I can eat for my lunches this week.
I posted a few "Selfies" to face book. I am thinking I may have to step back from posting things to face book for a while. Things "Political" are getting to me. There shouldn't be this much drama and angst Three Weeks after the President has been sworn in.

Billie C.

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