Friday, May 10, 2013

Well Phoo.

I have noticed, over the years that when a page we have printed out on a printer gets a bit wet, it runs. some run more than other but they all seem to run when wet and become un-readable. I thought that, maybe, I could get the ink to "Run" onto a shirt so I could decorage up the shirt with paints, then wash out the ink and be left with just what I painted on it.. well, it didn't work. But I knew it would be "Iffy" at best to get it to work like I wanted it to and I thought if it would run I could adjust it to suit my needs. but, at least with this printer, the ink didn't run at all
print out images.. I didn't turn any of them because it's just the image and no words on it.
Cut them out so I can spread them out on the shirt
put cutting mat inside the shirt

paper towel under shirt

One under, one over...On the one under,I put one of the prints under the shirt then I poured a bit of Rubbing Alcohol
over the top of it.. for the one over, I put some  Alcohol  on the shirt, then placed a print on top of that, then allowed to dry.
 Next was to try the same thing, only with water

second test... go over a design with a Sharpie then lay on Alcohol wet material smeary and not what I wanted. I used a lighting bolt for this and not the fist and lighting.
 See the fist and bolts at the top, I tried just damping it to see if the ink would run and it didn't... and I just printed them out a few minutes before I tried this.

Billie C.

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