Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Howdy.... I hope you have a pleasant three day vacation this past weekend. Jerry had to work 8 hour Saturday but once he got off work, We did some Geo-Caching. We found 3 out of 4 and we found the 4 Th on Sunday. but Sadly that was the only one we found on Sunday and we looked for 3 others. We are thinking that, maybe, those in South Boston are may have been Muggled (stolen by someone)
Today, I'll be folding the clothes we washed yesterday, cleaning the camper and taking care of the dogs.(of course) I hope to let them play for a long while this morning once the sun comes up (I'll have my coffee ready to drink, by then)
Memorial Day is always the UN-Official beginning of Summer, and outside it is going to feel like Summer with our highs this week in the upper 80's and even a couple of 90's. There's only a small chance of rain tomorrow evening in the forecast so far, but of course, that could change.
We have two families of wild Geese, in the area. One family had 5 goslings but now has 4 and the other family has two. There is a noticeable difference in their sizes. There were up here, close to the camper yesterday morning as we were leaving, searching for scraps, I think.
It was a busy weekend for the campground. The pool is open but we have yet to go up to it. It's still a bit too cool to be in the water for me. Now next weekend may be a different story. One of our weekend end neighbors had a pet pig with them. That was different, to say the least. I didn't go over and say "Hi" though. We had a family in tents up in the woods at one of the sites up in our section, as well. (No idea what they did for "bathroom" since there's no facilities up here. They did have water and power.
We lit a fire in our fire ring and I roasted the last of the marshmallows. I shared the marshmallows with the dogs (their's didn't get roasted). they got to stay outside (On their leads, tied to the camper) for almost two hours and I think they enjoyed every minute of that time. I was able to let them play outside for about 40 minutes last night just as it was getting dark. now that we are mostly in reruns on the T. V. I expect the dogs will be enjoying more evening time outside, At least until the bugs find us.
I fed the cats early this morning when I first say the tree trimmers getting close to our section. Strips was the only one of the cats to come find me while they were doing the work
From the kitchen...
I'm considering making a very large Chef Salad for dinner tonight and what's left will be used for our daily salads for the rest of this week. I'll cut up the vegetables once I get the dishes out of the way, and will cut up some meat to add to the salad this afternoon. I picked up Radishes and Celery to add to the salad. The radishes I'll add when I make the salad but the celery will be put in a separate container so Jerry can add how ever much he wants if he wants any at a all (he's not much for celery) I'll have mushrooms on the side and the tomatoes will also be in a separate container so that the salad isn't have some fresh baby spinach that I'll add to my salad but I doubt Jerry will want any for his.
I am hearing... I have the early morning news on right now. I plan on turning off the T. V. once the news is over with this morning and turning on a Radio. That is so not like me as I have always had the T. V. on all day long. I may just mute the T. V.
I am wearing... right now, a Moo-Moo but I'll be wearing shorts today
I am reading... "Dragon's Time" by Todd McCaffery. Or, I should say I'm trying to read it. My Kindle keeps messing up every time I try to read more than a page or two.
I am creating...
One of my favorite things... Is sitting outside, with a cup of coffee, watching the dogs play with each other and having a good time in the morning.
A few plans for today... Cleaning the front half of the camper. Keeping cool. Get out some sewing to work on. (got to kick myself in the backside and get it started)
A few plans for the rest of the week...

Billie C.

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