Monday, May 13, 2013

making suncatchers

A while ago I posted in my crafts newsletter about making suncatchers by melting pony beads.. and how I wanted to try it. I finally got around to doing that this past weekend. (after a reminder that I had said I wanted to try it) and Well my results are intresting.
I put my table top oven outside because, well, let's face it, melting plastic stinks.
I started off with just some random colors.  But I changed my mind and just picked out a few colors to work with. I went with yellow, blut purple orange clear and red or pink. I had bought some black beads as well, to see why they said only use the clear ones.. Well they are sun catchers so you want to sun to shine through, I wanted to be able to do outlines and black beads will do just that.
Here they are just going into my oven
All melted
and all done and cooled again
I'm going to save these for Halloween  and hang them in my front window.

Billie C.

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