Monday, September 17, 2012

rest of my day

Well. I wrote in a recipe, and I wrote what I've gotten done this morning.. now for my afternoon.
You see.  I usually just fall asleep (mainly from bordom) and just end up reading emails and not doing a whole lot of anything.
But Ah.. today.  The door is open, when it's not raining and the dogs are enjoying the looking out the door, and barking at anything that moves.
Growing up. My family did two major house cleanings a year. Spring cleaning, well yeah, it's in spring. and then there is Fall cleaning.  A change in the weather brings it on. And today just felt like the day to start. Of course you know. I get the back gone through every time we move the camper since every thing has to come down, out of and off of... in order for us to not tear up our storage areas. But now up front.. that's a different story.  and it's starting to look very crowded. Just about everything is out of place. In order to put every thing back in order the house will have to be in more dis-order. So, I just started in a space I felt needed it most. My canned goods tub under the counter, by the fridge. Cleaning is easy. Making a list of every thing I have, that is what took some time.  And part of what was under there is now on my bed. waiting for me to  decide where everything is going to belong, or to get rid of things that are in the way and I no longer have any use for.  The "Rule" is if I've not used it in the last year, it's out of here.  Soon enough I'll be going through my clothing drawers.  I'll have to toss my stained up tops. to make room for more, warmer tops.. and I'll be tossing cut off shorts as well. since they are at least two to three years old and have been worn almost every week.
Well. I had better get up from here and get my bed cleared or I'll end up sleeping on the couch again.

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