Monday, September 17, 2012

Decoupage With Fabric— Pots For Your Garden!

Decoupage With Fabric— Pots For Your Garden!

Fabric decoupage striped plant pot

We needed a quick teacher appreciation gift for my daughter's teacher last week, and I finally got around to trying out fabric decoupage on terra cotta pots! I'm totally in love with the results and can't believe it took me so long to give this one a try. Oh well, everything in it's time!

And since I had to give away the striped pot, I'm just going to have to make more. Well as many as the amount of special water proof fabric stiffener that I have on hand holds out! And then I may just give it a try with a mix of PVA wood glue and water, of course I'll be sure to fill you in, not to worry.

You'll Need:

  • cotton fabric scraps, quilting weight preferably
  • terra cotta pots
  • Paverpol textile hardener, a special waterproof medium of sorts for sculpting with fabric, info available here in Israel, and here in the U.S. (and for sale at art supply stores in The Netherlands where it's produced) Unfortunately Paverpol is rather expensive anywhere other than The Netherlands, but I haven't found any other product quite like it!

Fabric decoupage pots strips and scalloped

How To:

  1. Cut or tear strips of fabric that are the exact length to span the inner lip of the pot to the bottom. Cut circles for the scalloped circle design by stacking or folding pieces of fabric to cut many at a time. If you are not using Paverpol, so plan your design that the fabric strips will end just above the soil level, or proceed as I did and keep in my that you'll need an inner pot to hold the moist soil.
  2. On a protected surface, (this is messy!) and at a time when you are not needed for anything else, dip your strips into the Paverpol and run your thumb and pointer finger over the strip to remove the excess. Apply your strip to the pot, and continue working in this manner until the pot is filled.
  3. Set aside to dry overnight, and place in a spot where you can enjoy!

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