Thursday, September 6, 2012

Not a good day

I knew at 3 am that this was not going to be a "Good" day. I woke up, as usual, for a bathroom run and heard water running... we had a joint come apart. I just turned off the water and told Hubby I would just fix it in the morning. It's not rocket science to fix. He had to get up and check it out, while I was outside turning off the water. He agreed I could just fix it today. Back to bed. No water, no cooking breakfast for Hubby, he bought it on his way to work.
I wake up at 7 am and I'm wondering why is the floor between the beds wet, and then, why is hubby's bed wet (I don't like twin beds but this is one time I do ) Seems the larger dog , Macon, had wanted out but didn't know how to tell Hubby he needed out before Hubby left for work. He peed all over Hubby's bed. Luckly I have those plastic backed sheet covers.   But it's still a mess to clean up. 
I go to fix the water leak, and I can't find the screwdriver I need to fix it with. I use to have at least 4 screwdrivers in this camper. Each and every one had walked out the door in Hubby's pocket. 
No water, no shower and I needed one very badly (three days is two days too long from one, expecally in summer time) So I count out enough quarters to do one load of laundry at the laundry room. Oh yeah. the laundry soap is in the back of the van. So I take some dishsoap and some washing soda and mix them together in a plastic baggy.  I then, gather up towel, wash rags, soap, shampoo, cover up... and the wet stuff off of hubby bed and head to the back of the office, where the laundry room and showers are.  Oh Ugh... they all won't fit into one washer.   so I sort into two washers, and then have to walk, back up the hill, and pick out $3 more worth of quarters.  Go back down, divide the soap between the two washers, start them. go take my shower in the Public showers ,Hey at least I had plenty of hot water for a good soaking. The bench does not look sturdy enough to handle my weight so I dress standing up. At least I can still do that. I hate getting dress right after a shower, Noting wants to go where it belongs on my damp body. Luckly I have a front hooked bra and that helped me get in to it. (TMI?) 
I only had a few more minutes to wait for the washers to finish before I had to put what was in the washers into the dryers.  Someone had brought a load of laundry up and left it on the counter while I was in the shower.. and I'm sure they were watching for me to leave when I was done with the dryers. After putting everything into the dryers, I came back home, sat for a few minutes . wrote an email. Then, the timer went off, so I bagged up the trash, emptied the trash can (it's a kitty litter tub) and took both outside. left the can by the back of the camper, tossed the trash on my way to the laundry room to pick up the laundry from the dryers.  I heard a camper door open while I was walking back up the hill.   Got back to the camper, tossed the bag of bedding into the camper, turned on out spare water hose. pulled it and the trash can closer to the door, then filled it about 2/3rds full (I'll use the water to flush the toilet)
I come back to the camper and I want to take a picture of the new dress I'm wearing because my new friend gave it to me.   Dropped my red camera and now it's not wanting to work right. I have to push the lens part back a bit for it to come on. At least it's still taking pictures once it does get the lens to focus.
I don't know if all the "bad" is done for the day, or not,  I'm not going to work on anything that could possible break. I have learned that once a day starts like this, the best thing is to just do as little as possible and let the day fall away all on it's own.

She also made the top below. I will really enjoy wearing this come near the end of September and October.

 I love shirts and sweatshirts made up like this.



Billie C.

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