Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Good Morning

I woke up to rain, and I've have seen sprinkles all morning long. Jerry may not be happy with me, this evening. Fora while now, we have been living with a hole in the back of the bathtub. He bought some flex seal but has never tried to put it on. I've even suggested making patches out of some thing because there is not just a crack but a hole as well.... this morning I just got tired of trying to clean around the hole with out water going through and soaking the bathroom floor again. I found the can of flex seal, and make patches out of some shelf liner I bought just for that purpose. He was telling it we had to have the vents open so we would have to wait until the weather cooled off.. I'm so tired of waiting and his not doing anything at all about it but putting a plastic bad under the bathmat.. He's not the one having to clean the bathroom, deal with a yucky, stinky bag ever time the bathroom gets cleaned. I'm waiting for the stuff to cure and dry, now. Even if it doesn't work, at least I have tried.

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