Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jerry got a job !!!

Jerry got a job

I was looking through Craig's list, just surfing and wasting time, really, when I saw one more ad for an Electrician. I showed it to Jerry and he called the number. He was sent a 15 page app and was asked to fax it back. He got the call after 5 pm asking if he could be at a job at the Mall here in Tuscaloosa by 7 am.. Oh Yeah. It's not as much money as when he worked for KBR, but it's not bad either. It's more than unemployment or Ready Labor will give him so it's an improvment. We have already been thinking about what bills we are going to pay first. Sure things are still going to be tight for us for a while, but man it's so good that he's working full time at a job he loves, again.

7 months to the day. He was laid off October 6th 09 and back to work May 6th 10.. it's been intresting keeping it all together and I'm not sure we were able to do that, all the time.

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