Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 9, Mother's day

I heard from two of my three children. Only a few minutes of chat with the youngest and text messages with the older daughter. Didn't hear from my son at all. which seems to be the normal most times any more.

Most of the text messages were not good, though. Austin, her S/O's Aunt's grandson had a horrible accident today with a lawnmower. I don't know any more than that at this time and am asking for prayers, good thoughts and what ever you believe in for this young man. He is young, I think he's 9, but the loss of a hand is horrible. He lost his Mom only a couple of years ago, and his Uncle last year.

We had an un-eventful day today. I had saved back some money from way back, and, since one of my kids sent me a gift card from Walmart, we decided to eat breakfast at our favorite buffet. bad choice. The usual Sunday buffet is $5.29.. Mother's Day Special was $5.99.. and we are stil ltrying to find out what was special that we had to pay extra for it. It wasn't fruit. only a pineapple and a tastless honeydew was offered for fruit. Wasn't cereal or milk as none were put out. the sign said breakfast and salad bar. nothing was on either salad bar and only a couple of items in the dessert area. The pancakes were over cooked and small. no Corned beef hash, The potatoes were either under cooked or over cooked. and all in all, I doubt we will spend our money there again.

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