Thursday, May 13, 2010

Home on Wheels

This is our home on wheels. Our Silver bullet, The tin can on wheels. And I'm sure I'll have many other affections as we continue to live in this. Yes, it's smaller than most motel rooms, but I have so much more inside. The shower is small and we run out of hot water quickly. I'm still learning how to get wet, turn off the water and soap up, then rinse off and still have some hot water left in the tank. Especally when I want/need to wash my hair. I've switched from using shampoo and conditioner to using a shampoo conditioner in one product. Like any of the motels. I can only "draw" so much power or risk losing power to the whole unit. Planning how to cook a full meal and still keep comfortable cool inside is, um... a challenge. do I use the propane (it's starting to run low) or turn down the air and bake in the toaster oven? Do we sleep with the windows open, or do I turn off the air in the middle of the night and open them then, or leave it on all night and once J leaves for work, open them all and let the thing air out. Only to "button" it all up again before 11 am and turn the air back on. Do I try to bake in the morning or just not bake at all?
I think dessert tonight is going to be banana pudding. I'll crush up a couple of graham crakers, add a bit of butter, nuke less than a minute. press into the bottom of the ramiken. slice up some banana's and put on top of the crackers. (I'm out of vanilla cookies) make up the instant banana pudding mix I got last week, and cover the banana's with it. set in the fridge and wa-la. dessert that I know J likes.
Then I have to consider, how am I going to fix the burrito's we are having for dinner. I can bake them in the toaster oven or use the propane and "bake" in a cast iron skillet. either way. it's going to add heat to the camper right before J gets home from work. He's already told me, he's not working over tonigh. Said his knee is hurting from being on a ladder the last 3 days. But, I know him. He's not wanting to miss any part of Survivor. That's fine by me. I have to admit, I want Russel to go. I have always wanted Russel to go. I watch just to see if this is the week the others wake up and kick him off. Luckly This Sunday is the last show.
Luckly Salad is easy. Open the bag and pour it into the bowls. Easy as that.

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