Friday, May 14, 2010

For Today... May 14. 2010

For Today... May 14. 2010




This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago, before Jerry got his job.

You would think that with in so small a space, that cleaning it would be a snap. I admit I take my time, and I don't do everything every day. But still, it takes at least 2 hours for me to do the basic cleaning on a day to day basis. Don't ask about what's in the closet or if I straightened up the drawers under the bed, cause I didn't. Plus add in that the dogs "need out". at least every 3 to 4 hours. Sometimes they don't wait that long even.. and it takes me a while to be happy with how my home looks.

Just before 10 am I had to start closing up the windows and turn on the air. Hopefully though, next week will be not as hot so soon in the day. Today is suppose to be the hotest day of this week. Rain chances on Monday will help bring the tempts back down where they should be for this time of the year. I've only had the dogs out once so far and will take them out as soon as I finish writting this up.

I told Jerry, I'm thinking of taping the shields to the outside of the windows. I'm not sure what rain will do to the tape and shades, but I'm willing to find out. I want it where I can raise the windows and see out. and still have the shields over the glass as a extra bit of shade so I can keep them open a bit longer. I know if we go down the road I'll have to take them off. Don't want them flapping in the wind.

Outside my window... There are hardly and clouds in the sky. Only a slight breeze. I sat outside for a bit this morning, before the sun rose. letting the dogs have some outside time.

(11am) there is a bit of a cloud cover. That will help keep it cooler here in the camper.

From the kitchen... I'm baking a cake this morning (11 am) Just put it in the toaster oven to bake. Hopefully I won't have to go outside and reset the breaker. The air is on low. and all the extra lights are turned off. Good news, I didn't blow the breaker.

We are going to have Hot dogs. I'll fix a noodle dish for our starch. We are out of I'll have to find some green beans or peas in the canned goods tub. But I'm hoping that Jerry's check from the two days he worked last week is in and we can eat out. Of course it depends on just how much he gets, as well.

I am wearing... black shorts and a light blue t-shirt.

I am reading... emails. and recipes.

I am hoping... That Jerry gets the weekend off. There is a chance of his working this Saturday, but I hope he gets it off. It's been so long since he worked that his legs are hurting by the time he gets home. Today is only suppose to be 8 hours, but it could turn in to 10 or 12 hours. He needs a two day break so his legs won't be hurting so much. I kept telling him, over winter. That he needed to be on his feet more so that when he did get back to work, he wouldn't hurt so much. Those few days of working for Ready labor did help though. He was on his feet some each of those days.

I am creating... I am working on an idea I saw for a bracelett. I've cut a couple of circles out of a milk jug. Made a couple of holes for jump rings to go into later. Colored the edge black. My older Daughter's favorite color and her name on one. Her daughter's name on another. I want to shrink these before I go much further on this project.

I am hearing... "The View" right now.(10:30 am) the fan, and the air conditioner. It's all a lot of noise. (2:30) Cold Case is on. I watched my favorite Soap. the news on another channel, then switched back to CBS for the other two soaps. The Ugly rumor is, CBS is going to stop "As The World Turns." I'll admit I don't watch it as faithfully as I do Y&R, but I will miss it. I still Miss Guiding Light.

Around the house... (10 am) I have made the beds, cleaned the bathroom. Am doing dishes. all the usual. Making it a habit to keep the beds made. Jerry does not make his bed. never has from my understanding. But I find it makes the whole camper "feel" messy if it's not made up. Dishes in the sink is not near as bad as an un-made bed.

One of my favorite things... Sitting outside with the dogs. Watching them look around and trying to find out what it is they see.


More of my day.

Bathroom is cleaned. The floor is still a little damp. I'm going to have to find something to sprinkle on it to remove the smell. Baking Soda for sure. Maybe add some baby powder for the scent.

Made the beds and picked up the dirty clothes and put them in the laundry tub. I'm going to have plenty of laundry to do this weekend.

I had to put the shades in the west side windows and close up the windows around 10 am. I know it's not that hot out, but it's going to be and I want a start on trying to keep it cooler in here. I had the dogs out while I was putting the sheilds in the windows.

One reason I don't like running the air is the thing drips inside. I have a red bucket I keep in the middle of the floor. I end up emptying it about every 2 hours. I am in hopes that Jerry can borrow a ladder and find out why it won't drain outside like it's suppose to. I'm thinking it's just a plugged up hole someplace aong the edge.

I have a pretty sheet on a shower rod that I can move from the bathroom doorway to the bedroom doorway. This way, I'm cooling a smaller area of the camper. I'm considering getting a second rod and another sheet and close off the bedroom area as well. I don't mind moving the sheet, but it's tedious to do it every day.

(11 am ) I have the cake in the oven. I miss desserts. I use to have desserts most days of the week. A hold over from when my own Mother was living on the farm, growning up. Everyone then worked so hard that having a sweet with a meal was easily worked off doing the routine chores of the day. (2:30) The toaster oven is not level and the cake rose a bit higher than I expected it to. It came out and went back into the pan like it should though. The real test will be when we cut it to eat this evening. No frosting on it. Just a cake. Last time I made this cake. I didn't have any vanilla and I was not all that pleased with it. This time I have vanilla and am giving it another try.

I got the dishes after the cake came out of the oven. Filled the ice trays but I still need to make tea for Jerry for this weekend.



We've all heard it, That's the way Mom did it, so I do it that way as well.

My daughter said she's gotten into a habit of putting her clean laundry in a basket to be folded and put away later. That she didn't learn from me. I usually fold as I remove from the dryer, If I did my laundry at a laundry matt I might bring that last dryer load home to fold, but the rest has already been done up and just needs putting away. My Daughter, like many, has a washer and dryer at home. has two kids plus her and her S/O's clothes to do and so ended up doing a load or two a day, most days of the week. She'll fold up every thing at one time, Usually on the weekend. so the baskets are ready for more dirty clothes to go in to them. I told her that waiting to fold clothes like that, may be genitic as my mom hated to fold laundry.

My Mom "HATED" doing laundry. Really. Just as soon as I was tall enough to reach the bottom of the wringer washer, it was my job. Back then, we didn't have a clothes dryer. We had a clothes line out in the back yard. I had to stand on a small box to hang sheets up high enough that they didn't drag the ground. Mom would help hang those out. Many an afternoon I've run out to drag the laundry off the lines before the rain started. We dumped the laundry on Mom's bed. ( the rest of the house would be spotless, just don't look on her bed ) She'd fold it and put it in our rooms. (yeah, right..) many, many mornings I've had to dig on her bed for my school clothes. The undies and socks.. were always at the bottom of the pile.

Mom Loved to iron. She would take most all of Saturday afternoon ironing our clothes. The boy's shirts and pants. my dresses, her dresses.. the sheets and pillow cases. Now, Mom was also practical. she didn't iron underwear or towels. I think the first thing I ironed was a tea towel. maybe it was hankies.. but I do remember it was small. Mom "Taught" me to iron my dresses when I was 9 or 10. I also had to start doing some of my brother's shirts and pants as well. (I still hate ironing jeans, jean were not meant to be ironed) That is, until my older brother Blew up in my face over a wrinkle left in a shirt of his. A small wrinkle, left from the clothes pin down near the hem and would be hidded when he tucked his shirt into his pants. I admit, it was his CAP (Civil Air Patrol) uniform shirt, but still. No reason to go bullistic on me. Mom heard him.. She came in and removed the iron from my hand. (Good thing she did, I think I would have clunked him with it in another minute or two of his rantings) Asked me to leave the room (really she ordered me to leave, and said I could go play, I still had a few things left in the basket to iron) I snuck around the corner, and peeked in to watch her show my brother how to iron his own shirt. Then his pants... then made him iron my dresses that were still in the bottom of the basket. She told him, that Yelling at me while I was doing his ironing was not nice. That I didn't "have" to iron his clothes, but it was part of my chores just like his mowing the lawn and taking out the trash was part of his chores. No one expeceted to get Thanked for doing their chores. But we also didn't expect to get yelled at either. From then on, He was to do his own ironing. When I brought in the clothes from the clothes line after that, he was to pull his own clothes out of the pile and iron them himself. He did ask me, a few times to iron a shirt or two, since I had the iron going anyway. I usuall did it for him. He would bribe me with either he would pay me, or he would have a treat for me. I am a sucker for chocolate. Most the time after that, he did his own ironing himself though. My Mom believed the Men should know how to sew back on a button and a woman should know how to change the oil in her own car. Of course, now a day's... it's better all around to pay to have the oil changed. So many places will recycle oil and or dispose of it where it belongs.

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Swanny said...

Nowadays it's usually also better to pay someone to alter uniform shirts, too. Mostly because "they" can do it faster by machine than I can by hand.