Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For Today... April 21, 2010

For Today... April 21, 2010

After Jerry left for work, I went back to bed until just before 8 am.

got up, took my meds and ate cereal for breakfast.

changed my clothes

cleaned up the bthroom, made both bed.

picked up in the living room

took the dogs for a long walk, Rocky has a bit of the runs.

Outside my window... (10 am) The skies are partly cloudy and it's warming up nicely, now. It was a bit on the cool side when we got up this morning. I went back to bed, after Jerry left for the day. Got back up right before 8 am.

I am thankful for... having a great place to stay. I only paid our lot rent yesterday evening. I was not charged a late fee. The people managing know our situation and are working with us. He said he knew we were good for it. When Jerry first knew we wouldn't have it at the first of the month, he told them so, and they said to just pay it when we could. What a blessing. A few days ago, the manager was at the lot next door and Jerry helped him pick up and clean up from where the last person there, left a huge mess.

From the kitchen... lunch, sandwich and chips Dinner is Chicken, added to Pasta on the side (chicken flavored) in order to make Chicken Alfredo, salad and Peas

I am wearing... dark grey sweats and my wild and free tshirt.

I am reading... emails

I am hoping... that Jerry gets a call to go to a construction job.

I am creating... a cleaner house. I still have to do the dishes and vacume the floors but the rest is done.

I am hearing... Y&R on the T.V.

Around the house... picking up, wipeing up and putting away. dishes, clothes and stuff.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Keeping the camper clean, walking the dogs, taking care of Jerry.

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