Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13, mid day

We went job hunting this morning. Jerry put in 4 apps while we were out. While we were in the area, we stopped at Ready Labor, where he got the sign holding sign last weekend. He's got two jobs coming up, First one is going to be "VERY" interesting for him. I don't know if you follow football or not, Collage football... but this weekend is the "A" game. I know it's UAT ( Crimson Tide) but not sure who they are playing UA "some other town". Not sure if that other town is Birmingham or Huntsville. He has to show up at the stadium for Orentaion on Friday as the game is Saturday..

The other job, He goes to orentation on Sunday and the job will be one week for 12 hours a day. cleaning out large storage tanks at a paper mill. At first he wasn't going to consider that job, knowing that there could be just about anything in them. But since we were close to the office, he checked to find out if they knew what had been in the tanks and was re assured that nothing toxic. Having worked in Paper mills before, he's still being just a bit leary about it.

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