Sunday, April 18, 2010

The "A" game job.


For most of last week, I was writing about how Jerry was going to work the "A" game here in town. It didn't happen. Oh. the game was played, don't get me wrong. Jerry was sent to clean out apartments that are being built instead. Which pays the same. He was glade he did that instead of the game.. found out, everyone had to walk 7 to 10 blocks to the stadium, work the day, then walk back to the office. That just isn't right. Even with bad parking, the Ready labor has a couple of passanger vans and coule had driven everyone in.

And the job in Columbia MS is not going to happen either. And Jerry got mad and the man in the office got mad. (Being nice here, the word is much stronger) Up Front, Jerry told the man at Ready Labor he WAS NOT going to work NIGHT shift in MS. Told him more than once, last week when talking about that job that he was NOT going to work night shift. When Jerry got off the job yesterday, he was told he "Was Going To Work Night Shift". Jerry told him, no, he wasn't. The man said he was and Jerry insisted that he wasn't.. and from sounds of things this man thought he could force Jerry to take a job he had already told the man he didn't want to do. It's going to take two hours from the office to get into the plant.. work 12 hours, take two more hours from the plant back to the office.. total of 16 hours. No travel pay on this, because it's paying 10 an hour to clean out 7 story tanks. be grinding on the inside... and not knowing just what was stored in the tanks. Jerry told the man, He was not going to work on a night shift that far from "home". I'm guessing sparks flew a bit. There were about 40 people waiting for their checks when all this happened. Jerry told the man flat up. You can't force me to work a job I don't want to do. I don't "Have" to work here. He made his point. This man is fairly new to this office and is throwing his weight around a bit. Jerry throws back. The one great thing is, Every job Jerry has gone out on for these people. The people who he worked for, asks that he be sent back to work another day. Since we know Ready Labor is charging more than 2 to 3 times what they are paying the ones doing the work, they are making money hand over fist and then some.





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