Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 29, 2010

Morning. Well it's morning here anyways. I've a couple of cups of Pinto beans soaking in some water, I'll be putting them in a crockpot soon. Growing up in Colorado had it's advantages and dis-advantages. It was easy for Mom to buy pinto beans by the 25 pound bag. We ate beans for a month. She had just changed jobs and it was going to be over a month before she got that first paycheck. Times were tough for us, but you know. I think we handled it well. We never felt like we were deprived on anything. Mom was always there for us, worked a full time job, and had to deal with a lot of junk besides. I'm sure being a single Mom of three in the 1960's was no picnic for her at all. She was both Mom and Dad to us. Could love us and yet spank us as needed. and spanking was needed often between all three of us.

I get "getting to know you" surveys often.. and very often one of the questions is "what was your favorite toy as a child". I really don't consider a bike a toy. But it was my favorite thing to own at the time. It took me an extra amount of time to learn to ride. Seems my brother's both learned to balance in just a couple of days, it took me weeks to get it right. I have to wonder if that had anything to do with all the earachs I had as a toddler and younger kid. Three or four a year at times. But it was the Freedom it gave me that I treasure most. I still can see some of the roads and trails I rode that bike on, in my memories. The steep hill with the curve at the bottom of it, the rocky trail back of town were all the kids rode, avoiding the catus patches while we were at it. And yes, a few falls onto the gravel as well.

When I grew up, I tried to give my own kids the kind of freedom that I had as a kid, within reason and safety, that is. Mom once told me she thought she could have done better. I told her, I had the best childhood a girl couldask for. Sure we moved a lot, but since I was a bit of a loner that didn't bother me much. Each place was better than the last in one way or another. We had pets, except at one place. Had plenty of food, never knew how hard it was for Mom sometimes to be sure we had so much to eat each day, put on the table. had clean clothes. I learned how to do laundry young. I was doing all the laundry by time time I was 8, in a wringer washer in the bathroom. And yes, I got my hair caught once and my fingers too many times to count. Shocked a time or two as well from it not being grounded properly. We each had chores to do, before leaving the house for the day. Wether it was school in winter or for summer break. Mom limited how much tv we watched as kids. Looking back, I'm glade she did that. although I now have the tv on from the time I get up until a few mintues before going to bed. Mostly it's the noise I want and not the sitting and watching. A radio just doesn't do it for me.

Mother's day is just around the corner. I miss my Mom and wish I could tell her one more time, what a great person she made me into.

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