Monday, February 9, 2009

Still In Ga

Yes, we are still here in GA. Jerry had the weekend off so we did some much needed running around. but not too much as he has caught a cold. Now, we are waiting to find out about the Shut Down that is suppose to start this next weekend. It may have been put on hold for a week or two due to the accidents on the job the last few weeks. I should know more by the middle of this week.

The weather here is just delightful... I have windows open and doors open. It is in the 70's right now. a bit cloudy, but hey, I get to keep these temps for a while, so whats a few clouds, right?

I have planted some Poppy seeds in a large planter and just when I though they were not going to come up.. up they came. Now I have to be careful watering them for a couple of weeks until they get well started. I'm just not sure how long this weather will last so, unless I can talk Jerry into a couple more huge pots won't be starting any thing else for a bit. (like two to three days) I want to cut the bottoms off of some cola bottles to start some seeds in a window with. I miss houseplants and am looking for some every time we go out.
The birds keep me busy refilling the bird feeder I have hanging outside the front door. Now if I can just convince that next door boy to not shoot any more of the birds, I'll be happy(ier). He's got a pellet gun. We've only found one dead bird so I hope that's all to it. If not, I'll have a talk with his Uncle, Bubba. (yeah, that is how he is known around here)

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