Friday, February 20, 2009

I finally finished my apron. I hand sewed it. I finally found a small sewing machine, when I had the hem about halfway finished. (figures) I used pleats instead of gathering at the waist band so it would "fit" better. The pocket is a bit small, but for now, it's what I want. I could put another pocket on it. I just havn't, yet.

Jerry has to work, tomarrow. We will be eating drive thru, on our way to the local auction. I bet they missed us last week, when Jerry had to work from Noon to Midnight. Only he got off around 8 30. By the time he got home, it was kinda late to go to the auction.

I got most of the house cleaned up today.. all the mop-able floors, got mopped. I watered my flower pot that has poppies in it, and added some moss rose seeds to some smaller pots I've made from cola bottles. I don't have much area to plant any thing in. I hope to have a few pots on the porch. I know this place is shaded all day long.

The Girl Scout Cookies are out !!! We picked up two boxes of thin mints, one of the sugar free chocolate chip and one of tag a longs. I talked with the cookie mom for a few mintues but I had to go int othe store and spend even more money. They will be even closer to home next week, and I hope to walk over, with my backpack, and pick up even more cookies. They are suppose to have 8 different kinds out. but only had 6 kinds when we got to Walmart. I want to pick up the caramel ones for Jerry. He's nuts about Caramel.

If you look really close at my picture above, you will see, behind me, my other project. it's on going.. I'm not sure what to call them, yet.. Window jewerly, Window strings... not sure. It's not a curtain since each can be hung by itself. or clusted with others. I've only the three so far. I hope to make more this weekend.

Rocky has been barking around 2 am, a couple of nights in a row... night before last, he spent in his kennel.. last night he was back on the bed and didn't bark at all. Kelly the cat,, has gotten into his own trouble. Besides going outside without permission (yeah, right.. tell a cat he's not allowed outside) He's taken to getting on top of the night stand in the bedroom.. He knocked my glass jar of coins off, the night Rocky was in his kennel.. and it made a huge noise. At least the jar didn't break. It's a jar I picked up in Vicksburg. cause it's unusual.. It has three sides. I wanted to do some hitching around it, but lost patience with it.

I'm not sure what my next project will be. Either a Chemis or another apron. I have two set up to sew.. I now have that sewing machine to it will go much faster. I will want to do some fancy work on a pocket or two, next time.

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