Tuesday, February 17, 2009

3 weeks til I do it, again

Thats right, 3 weeks then I have my eye zapped, again. He did say 2 weeks at first. but .. I can't find anyone around here to take me. So Jerry will have to lose a day of work, to take me. He said that he was finished with the left eye. Yet last time I was in, he did the left eye and said it would take at least one more time... so I'm confused, (what else is new, right) He did say he would look in both next time, just to be sure. come to find out, I could have had a numbing shot in the eye... now I'm told. I should have been told last time when he did the left eye... I didn't want the shot.. I could handle it ok.. he did say if it got to be too much we could stop and he could give me the shot anyway... I toughed it out. I "put myself elsewhere" before he got done, and, although I feel a bit brused, it's not any more than last time. If I had the shot I would have had to wear a patch for at least4 hours. I still couldn't see much after wards for a few hours, but I knew that would happen.

Jerry told his supervisor that the next time is in three weeks... I don't know if something will be said or not. last time something was said. Jerry explained that I can't drive.. my licence is expired. (working on that) and even if I could legally drive there, no way could I drive myself back home, or pick him up from work aterwards... It is my eyes he's dealing with.

For a while tonight, I thought Jerry was having to work 12 hours instead of 10 cause he didn't call when he got off work. He had forgotten to take his phone with him. I put together a quick dinner. Pork chops, salad, and bow ties in a sauce. Jerry had to work 8 hours Saturday afternoon/evening. Not sure just why.. even he said there wasn't enough work to have had to go in at that time. He's getting more and more frustrated with this job, and his supervisor.

I did finish my apron I was working on. over the weekend. I had Jerry take a picture of it on me, now I have to find my camera cord to download to my computer. I also made two more window strings of glass beads for the front window. I put more beads on these than what is on the first one.
Beth Usually calls me, after she gets off work, most morning.. this time, she called while on her way home and while we were talking, the hood of the van flew up on her... made her all nervous and uptight... I finished the story I was telling her, to help calm her down. She had to tye the hood down with wire and it had slipped loose. I bet she checkes that wire more often, now. I asked her to take a picture with the damage to the hood with her phone and send it to me... and she didn't do it... it makes me so mad that she won't do something I ask.. I just want to be sure it's still safe. I was going to show it to Jerry so he would know what happened as well.

I brought my treadmill out of the back bedroom into the living room/kitchen area. and Yes, I've walked a little on it. my back still starts to act up when I am up for more that 10 minutes, but not as bad. I hope to be able to walk about a mile on it by the end of ths week.

Rain tomarrow. could be worse, could be snow... On our way to the doctors office we noticed that the grass is starting to green up, already. We are due to have some below freezing weather this week, but only a night or two. with highs in the mid to upper 50's this week. Last weeks 70's sure had me spoiled for that warmer weather. With the rain and all, I think I'll just make a pot of beans and fresh bread for our dinner tomarrow.

Rocky has a couple of friends, now Two-doe and Sassy.. when he's inside, he's looking out a window for them. When he's outside he's looking for them and if he sees them, gives a different sounding bark to let them know he's outside, please come play. It's kinda cute, but a pain as well. I don't really want him outside all the time. He barks at the neighbors who walk up and down the street all day long. I know that they walk to the store at least once a day, and No idea where else they are going but it's often.

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