Sunday, November 9, 2008

Neat Idea, and news

I better get the news out first. I had an eye exam last Wendsday, And was asked to go back on Friday for dilation. He saw some bleeding in the back of my right eye and so I go see someone else later this month. I'll post the date when I know for sure when it will be, but most likely around Thanksgiving week.

I just saw, on someone else's blog, that they post their menu for dinner. Well, I can't do that every day. but I can try to post more often by posting what we are having for dinner. Trying to cook for two people is hard enough. but toss in the amount I have to watch my own diet, yet keep things that Hubby wants to eat.. can drive me crazy at times. Tonight is shopping night, so we are eating out. He didn't say were, yet.

Rocky has been waiting for Jerry to get home from work since 4:45. sitting in his chair, looking out the window. Coming to me every few mintues asking to go out. after just being out. He likes to sit on the porch steps waiting for Jerry to get home. Tonight, we change things up a bit since I'm not taking him out with us this time. Once he sees Jerry home. I'm putting him in the kennel and I'll bring him back a treat.

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