Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dinner is easy tonight. I've started some rice in the crockpot. Will see how it turns out. Last time not so good. Jerry picked out some Breaded Flounder in the frozen fish area. I'm going to fix them, in the oven and a potato for him. He's not much on rice. Salad of course. Humm. I wonder if a carrot can be baked in the oven. think I'll try it since I have a few of them, and it's going to be on, anyway.

The weather here has turned cold. The low tonight in the upper 20's. That means I'll have to run the water in a thin stream out of the faucets. (Great).

I walked to town yesterday and today my ankels are telling me about it. At least I can stand. There have been times in the past that I've not even be able to stand when they hurt.

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