Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lazy Sunday

This was a lazy day for me. Jerry had to work, and once he was out the door, I went back to bed. Got up just a few minutes before 9. Took my meds and made that bed so I wouldn't crawl back into it. If I was sick it would be one thing, I just didn't feel like doing anything house cleaning wise. so I didn't. Not today. Beth called me an hour later than usual, having just gotten off work.. her shift lasted much longer than anticipated this morning. She talks to me to wind down before going to bed for the day.. She loves her night shift but sometimes the sleeping in the day sucks. (parden the french) I decided to read emails on one of my yahoo id's that I don't often check and spent about 1 1l2 hours just copying recipes that look intresting, to me. Then Heather texted me. Which is her way of asking me to call her. It doesn't cost me to call her, where it costs her to call me from her house phone. We talked about 2 hours total. .with my phone dropping the call, twice. We firmed up plans for Satureday after Thanksgiving, and made up our menu and grocie list. I sent her money last week to cover the meal. I then proceded to take a very hard sleep, sitting on the couch... I mean I was dead to the world, until Jerry called to let me know he was on his way home... I seem to sleep that hard more and more often, now.. I don't know why and sometimes it really puts a scare into me. And the dreams I have, they don't help me feel any better. I don't even feel rested after that kind of hard sleep.
Dinner was easy tonight. I opened a can of Chili with no beans in it, and once it was warmed up, added in the mac and cheese I made a couple of nights ago..Let it warm up, turned it off, until about 3 minutes before Jerry was to come through the door. and put the salad in a couple of bowls... We did snack a bit after dinner, but not much. I ate the last of the fruit salad we picked up at the store an Jerry ate some nuts and then some chex mix that we bought. Rocky finished off the bag of mini marshmellows we had.

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